Dryel In-Home Dry Cleaning Kit Review

I recently received a Dryel In Home Dry Cleaning System Starter Kit from SheSpeaks, a word of mouth group I am in, and this is the results I got after using this kit.

Dryel has had an in-home dry cleaning kit out for years and I have used it several times. When I received it I was glad to test it out because I have had good results in the past and wanted to see if it was still the same good product.  I do have some fine pieces of clothing that require dry cleaning and I hate the thought of taking them to a dry cleaners and spending all of that money to have them cleaned.

A recent visit to the dry cleaners for my silk blazer taught be that dry cleaners can be harsh and not always do the best job. When the blazer came back to me half of the buttons were either cracked or totally missing. I also noticed that a spot I had on the front was still on there. By the time I actually wore the blazer and saw the mistakes it was too late to take it back and tell them they didn’t do a good job and try to get my money back.

dryel home cleaning kit reviewWhile this kit will not replace drying cleaning completely, I have found that it is a great replacement for items that you want to freshen up to give them a crisp, clean look. You could even use it on all your pieces in between dry cleaning to cut the cost down a bit.

It does remove some spots. It comes with a spray bottle that contains a Booster Spray. It can be used on stains and is especially good around the collar where it gets yellow. I used it on a stain on a garment and it made it come out completely so I was satisfied with the results.

The way the Dryel kit works is you throw a garment in the zippered bag they give you with a wet Dryel sheet that has the solution in it already. As the dryer heats up, your clothes are steamed in the bag. At the end of the drying cycle your items are freshened. I wouldn’t say they are cleaned but I can definitely say they are cleaner, fresher, and smell great.

With any cleaning you are still going to have to remove the items promptly and hang them up to prevent wrinkles. You may even want to take the Dryel bag out and hang your items up just before the dryer goes off. Otherwise, I found that the wrinkles set in soon after. I did hang them up and had no problem. A couple of items I had to press but that’s not a big deal either for the money I saved on my dry cleaning bill.

The Dryel kit may not remove ground in dirt, heavy stains, or stuck on pet hair. It will remove some stains and more if you are willing to work harder with the stain remover. I guess it all depends on the stain you have. It did remove the stain I tried it on and I am happy with the results. Just be careful on something like silk that always requires special treatment.

I was super happy with the pleasant scent. If you think it is overpowering just let your garment hang out on it’s on outside of the closet and it should go away in a day.

I don’t think an in-home dryer kit is ever going to replace professional cleaning but it will save you money in between dry cleaning visits and cut your bill in half or more.

Disclaimer: SheSpeaks sent me this kit to review and I have give my honest opinion and experience with the product.

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