Fit&Fab Living Launches New Diet Newsletter presents Diet Insider, an all-new free newsletter, filled with weight loss tips, meal suggestions, healthy recipes and more.

Fit&, a leading health and beauty Web site for women, will launch its all-new email newsletter on March 14, 2011. The newsletter, Diet Insider, will include the latest diet and weight loss tips, ranging from healthy meal planners, super food information and ways to start burning fat today!

When you sign up for this free newsletter will receive it twice a week, along with bonus special offers from our partners.

Click here to see a special preview issue of Diet Insider.

fit and fab newsletter

This will be the fourth newsletter from Fit&Fab Living.

Other newsletters include

  • Beauty Insider
  • Fitness Insider
  • Fit&Fab Living Newsletter

The first contains the hottest beauty tips and trends, including makeup reviews, skin care tips, DIY beauty recipes, hairstyles and more. Fitness Insider is filled with workout routines, nutrition guides, cardio tips and more. The general newsletter covers a wide range of topics, from weight loss and fitness to fashion and health.

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