Foxes and Chicken Board Game Review

Foxes and Chickens is a family game by Hencro LTD. It is playable by two to four people and ages four and up. Initial setup is simple, involving punching thick cardboard pieces from a perforated board and slotting them into plastic bases. The game board and pieces are good quality and should last for a long time with average use. The game mechanic is rolling a single six-sided die and moving spaces on the board. There are some marked with “Roll Again,” “Move back 3 spaces,” and other special instructions. Younger children may need these squares read and explained at first, but there are are consistent illustrations for each, so they will soon become familiar.

Foxes and Chickens board game review

The plot of Foxes and Chickens has players control a group of foxes trying to capture a chicken. The cartoon-like illustrations do not depict this in a violent way, although the box does label the chickens as “dinner.” While many would not find this offensive or even notable, it is just something to consider for your family.

Each players foxes are color-coded and begin in a different corner of the game board. The track is made of three concentric circles, with bridges and tunnels marked to move between rings. Players must roll a one or a six in order for a fox to leave the den and begin moving. All game pieces share the circular motion, although the spaces to move between tracks are color coded and may only be used by that player.

Foxes and Chickens board game review

After navigating to the center of the board, players capture a chicken, represented by another cutout that attaches to the fox piece.

Foxes and Chickens board game review

The journey back to the den continues in the same manner. It is possible to have all of the foxes on the board at once, although they cannot occupy the same space. If it were to be two of the same color, the player simply cannot make that move. If you land on your opponent’s space, however, they must return to their den. If they were carrying a chicken and you were not, you get to pick up the chicken. If you were both carrying chickens, your opponent’s chicken is returned to the coop.

Foxes and Chickens board game review

It is this aspect of Foxes and Chickens, similar to Sorry, that requires special consideration. Some children (or adults!) may become upset when an opponent causes them to lose a chicken and return to the den, especially if it may have been avoidable my moving another piece instead. While this strategy is part of the game, it may make things feel more competitive. This is not at all a criticism of Foxes and Chickens, and it in fact may be a good way to begin to learn strategic play as opposed to simple die rolls or card draws. We just thought it was an important note to consider.

Overall, we found the game to be simple, colorful, and fun to play. The simple mechanics make it easy to begin playing, but the possible strategizing adds an element of interest for older children and adults.

Foxes and Chickens retails for around $19.50 US (it sells for $14.99 in Euros as it is made in Ireland and depends on the exchange rate at the time of purchase) and is available at Hencro, Ltd for purchase online from the US. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure: We received this game to review but what we write about it is our own opinion based on our own experiences.