FREE Disney Color and Play App PLUS Free Coloring Page

There’s so much more to coloring these days and with the invention of tablets, smartphone and apps, kids have another way for coloring fun. Download the Free Disney Color & Play App and the Free coloring page to get started. Then let your kids color the special Disney coloring page and as your child’s creation animates in real 3D – just as they colored it! The Disney Color and Play app animated 3D features only works with special Disney coloring pages that have stars in each corner. The app also comes with one free Mickey Mouse Coloring page.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Compatibility Requirements: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. This app is not compatible with the iPhone 4 or the iPod Touch 5th Gen 16MB.

Learn how to use the FREE Disney Color and Play App and Get a FREE Coloring Page

How to Use the Disney Color and Play App:

1. Search for Disney Color & Play through the iTunes store

 and install it on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Open the app and tap the Coloring Books to begin.

3. Open the Free Disney Coloring Page from your computer. Print this coloring page and let your kids color it with real crayons.

4. Tap the green button with the yellow magic wand in the center on the app. Make sure you give the app access to your iPad or iPhone’s camera.

5. Turn your iPad or iPhone until you can see the whole coloring page in the camera’s view and you can see all of the stars located in each corner. When this happens you will notice that the image starts to comes to life.

Watch this video to see how it works.

Disney Color and Play App Features:

  • Visit Disney Color and Play Playrooms to color and paint Disney favorites
  • Work with unlimited combinations of tools, colors, patterns, stickers and more
  • Use the magic wand to turn your creations into fully-animated 3D characters
  • Some activities include mazes and word searches with special animations, and a way to make jigsaw puzzles out of your own drawings

How to Use the Disney Coloring Play App

How to Use the Disney Coloring Play App

If you already own one of the Disney Color and Play apps (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Color and Play or Doc McStuffins Color and Play), you can access those rooms for Free in Disney Color and Play. To do so, you must first download the updates for both apps (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Color and Play or Doc McStuffins Color and Play) through iTunes. Once you’ve updated them to your device, download Disney Color and Play and start the app. Your rooms will unlock automatically and stay unlocked.

For help, contact Disney customer care at 877-662-3769 or

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  1. I love color and play

  2. i want them all to be free

  3. I am so very disappointed in Disney. First let me say most of their games are very good. Disney sends out an email to you with an offer for a free game, then you download it and the kid loves it; but they can only play with one character, or in the case of this game, only access 4 less desirable pages. As soon as the kid starts to play the game, what I call a bait and switch or a scam, happens! To access any other pages they want $7.99 a month — yes just for access to a kid’s coloring book–only one month. They charge an outrageous price for all of their games..way more than other kid’s game I have purchased. Trust me Disney, if I had that kind of money to spend on a game, I wouldn’t be looking for the free ones. Disney knows the kids will like the game and then get upset because they can’t access the other items and then the kid cries and you feel like a jerk and if it wasn’t so ridiculously high I would not mind buying it, but really — charging every month??? DISNEY PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE OFFERS FOR FREE GAMES THAT COST MORE THAN MY KID’S LUNCH FOR A WEEK! I think there should be a class action suit against Disney for doing this to little kids and parents with limited income.

  4. Hey this is my favorite app and it will not let me play because i got a Amazon tablet so I need help with that

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