Friedrich Air Conditioner Review (Video)

This is a review of the Friedrich 24,000 BTU Window/Wall Slide-Out air conditioner unit. It was a personal purchase.

Summer weather finally arrived in our New England state of Connecticut, time to use the air conditioner. To make a long story short, our 20 year old air conditioner decided that it has fulfilled its life expectancy and decided to not produce that so desired cooling effect. Now, the search for a replacement is on.

Let me explain about the type of air conditioner we have. It is neither your small-sized window one nor central air. It is a through the wall big hunker. We are talking around 180 pounds of cooling machine, 24,000 BTU size. In our house it is about 7 foot off the floor. Unless you are The Incredible Hulk, installing the one we need is a two person operation. Back to the main topic of through the wall air conditioners.

The search started, via the web, at local stores: Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears, and Wal-Mart. We could not find an air conditioner the size we needed to cool the entire upstairs. So the search was expanded to store a little further away: PC Richard.

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We had $400 in gift certificates from PC Richard that Wendy had won from her hobby of entering sweepstakes, so that was a driving factor we used to pick PC Richard but after we got there we were glad we did because everyone was so helpful and they had the best selection of wall units.

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P.C. Richard had three brands that had air conditioners in the BTU range we needed. The brands were: GE, Frigidaire, and Friedrich. They were priced from $500 to $700. Looking at their features revealed that they were all basically the same with none of them offering a feature that shouted “buy me”. Each had an EER of 9.4. The two features that were different between them were amperage and weight. Amperage varied from 10.9 amps to 13 amps and weight varied from 144 pounds to 183 pounds. Reading reviews did not result in a clear winner either, although Friedrich probably was starting to be the leader.

friedrich air conditioner review

The only thing left to do was to visit the store and actually look at them. After looking at them, Friedrich was the winner. Even though it was the heaviest of all of them. The model we got was the Friedrich CP24F30, a 24,000 BTU window / wall slide-out unit. Friedrich construction looked better than the others brands. Although each brand had faceplates made of plastic, the Friedrich felt stronger and more durable. The overall construction of the Friedrich seemed better and that it would hold up longer over time. It was not the cheapest, nor the most expensive; but had the best quality for the price range.

friedrich air conditioner review

We had PC Richard deliver and install it for us at what I thought was a very reasonable price. They even took away the old one. As they were installing it, I was able to see more of the insides and saw that the construction and materials looked to be of good quality.

Now, came the real test; turn it on and see how well it works and cools the house. We were pleased with how fast it cooled the entire upper floor of our raised ranch. It seemed like it only took a few minutes to feel the difference in temperature at the opposite end of the house from the air conditioner. This was on a 90 degree day with relatively high humidity.

One other concerned we had was how loud was it going to be when we had the fan speed on high. Was it going to be super loud like our old one? That turned out to be a no. This was a big plus in our minds.

We have been using it off and on for a month or so and can say we are very pleased that we choose the Friedrich model. The remote control is handy, now we do not have to move the rocker to adjust the fan speed or temperature.

friedrich air conditioner review

An additional featured offered with this Friedrich air conditioner is the resettable breaker on the power cord. This breaker will trip prior to the house fuse breaker. There is a light indicator on the breaker and when it is green it means it is okay.

friedrich air conditioner review

Overall, the Friedrich construction was better than the other brands, which should equate to longer life. It is quiet and simple to operate. It cools our 1000 square foot first floor rapidly. I am sure it is more energy efficient than the 20 year old air conditioner it replaced. I would buy another Friedrich if needed (hopefully not).

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Disclaimer: this Friedrich air conditioner was a personal purchase and our review is based on our own opinions.

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  1. Friedrich is the best company what I seen in windows air conditioner .In Friedrich there are many different BTU models – 5000 BTU to 25000 BTU.And 10000 BTU is cooling big living room in few mintues.

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