Fun Free Lunchbox Stickers For Picky Eaters

Here are some fun and free Lunchbox Stickers for Picky Eaters. Food and nutrition are very important for everyone, but eating healthy is especially important for children since it helps their overall growth and proper development. Eating a variety of foods from each food group will provide children with different types of key nutrients and help them fight colds, take part in more activities, concentrate and learn etc. In short, balanced nutritional intake helps children be strong and active. offers full-color digital printing on food packaging labels stock and also a diverse stock of print-yourself blank food packaging labels. Get a sample pack delivered right to your door so you can make sure that our labels are going to meet your needs.

However, kids are often picky eaters, and many of them will almost always choose a tasty snack with white sugar, white flour and artificial sweeteners over an apple. And while it’s easier for parents to control what their kids are eating at home, they can’t oversee how their kids eat when they are at school.

Fun Free Lunchbox Stickers For Handling Picky Eaters

Fortunately, there are numerous interesting ways to make kids school lunches both healthy and fun to eat. One idea is to decorate their lunchboxes with colorful and entertaining stickers with amusing notes that will intrigue the young ones to peek inside the box and encourage them to eat what you’ve prepared them for the day.

Fun Free Lunchbox Stickers For Handling Picky Eaters

These jazzy stickers with diverse food motifs will definitely come in handy for this kind of lunchbox decoration. For example, if you prepare baked cookies for dessert, you can use the ones with donuts and cookie designs, or if there is broccoli on the menu, you can apply the happy broccoli sticker. You can also add some fun notes such as “Ancient Romans also ate broccoli and built the Colosseum. Try this broccoli and maybe the new Colosseum builder will awaken in you :)”. Just let your imagination run free and every ordinary school lunch can be easily transformed into a special one.

Fun Free Lunchbox Stickers For Handling Picky Eaters

And since kids love all things crafty and arty, you can even make these lunch decorations a family activity. Your children will be included in the preparation process and be proud to eat what they’ve put together.

Fun Free Lunchbox Stickers For Handling Picky Eaters

Just download the printables and help your kids maintain a healthy diet while having fun at the same time.

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