Got Milk? Magic Milk Straws Review

Magic Milk Straws is a new product that we found at the Toy Fair in New York City. We received some samples to try out and did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% of own.

review of magic milk straws

Each pack of Magic Milk Straws contains 6 straws and come in 4 flavors, Cocoa, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry, and Vanilla (we only said they come in 3 flavors in the video but the website says there are 4).

review of magic milk straws

I think kids will really enjoy using the Magic Milk Straws and I can just see them asking for them everytime you go to the store.

Each straw is made out of a thick plastic. There is an opening on either end so they work just like any straw. The magic is the tasty beads inside of the straws. Put a straw in a glass of milk and DO NOT CUT IT in anyway. As you sip the beads give the milk flavor. Kids can blow bubbles with the straw for more fun.


One thing I found is that they do not give the milk a lot of strong flavor as if you were putting in chocolate or strawberry syrup and they don’t turn the milk color. But, after reading their website I do not believe that is what they are designed to do. They are designed to make drinking milk fun for kids and that they do.

After I did the video review I left the chocolate milk straw in the milk and I found that it did change the color slightly and make the milk have more a sweet taste. While the Magic Milk Straws do not really change the color of the milk, kids are going to love them.

This product is not readily available yet in all stores but it is coming soon to Target I believe. Maybe the owner can update us when they have a list of stores. For now you can go to their site and input your zip code to find a store selling the Magic Milk Straws near you or you can buy them online at They run around $2.49 for a pack of 6.


  • Kids will love them because they are fun and you can blow bubbles through the straw
  • Everything is enclosed in the straw so you don’t have to do anything but put one in a glass of milk and start sipping
  • Flavor becomes stronger the long the straw is left in the milk (takes some patience on the child’s side)


  • Doesn’t change the milk colors like traditional syrups
  • Does not give the milk a strong flavor
  • A little pricey

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  1. These are not new. I got some of these from Walgreen’s a long time ago and my daughter did not like them. They taste a little weird. Fun idea though.

    • It could be that this brand is new. At least I haven’t seen them before.

      • The most people are rtalking about that came before this brand were a asturalia milk straw called sippahs you cant get them in the states anyi\more but i think you can still find them in canada and australia but im not to shure.

  2. My home daycare kids would love these!

  3. Dona Pate says:

    I purchased the bulk package of these straws from There are 48 in the package and it is assorted flavors possibly containing all or some of the flavors: chocolate, vanilla milkshake, strawberry, cookies & cream, strawberry banana, wild berry, orange cream, banana and chocolate peanut butter. My favorites are definitely strawberry and vanilla because I’m not an artificial chocolate flavor kind of person, although I’m sure children wouldn’t mind. Overall I really like this product since I’m 18 and repulsed by the flavor of milk alone, but need the extra calcium in my diet Ans the straws only have 4 carbs per straw and 16 calories. Great overall!

  4. They now have them in many stores: Walmart, Target, Cub, Toys-r-Us, Learning express, etc. There is a store locator on the website Also they cost MORE on Amazon than in stores (1.99$ for a 6 pack).

  5. Hi Wendy, Tiddle E. Winks here from Sonoma, CA. Speaking of pricing we also stock these on our website for just $2! Chocolate and Strawberry are top favorites but we’ve also got other flavors too (even the newest ones). We love these and have carried them since they came out. If you’d like to offer your adoring fans a cheaper (less corporate) option we’d love to help out. =)

    Thank you!
    – Your Friends at Tiddle E. Winks

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