How to Save Money When Traveling with Children

Family vacations offer a unique opportunity to create memories and strengthen family bonds. Although traveling with grandchildren can have its challenges, with the right planning and information, trips can be fun and hassle free at any age.

How to Save Money When Traveling with Children

Here are a few of the team’s favorite travel tips that will help ease family travel and save money along the way:

Overseas Travel

A good way to get children to anticipate the trip overseas is to get them some foreign currency (at a local bank). This will help them get excited and start thinking about what they can buy once they are there.

Save Money on Airfare

Children under two years old do not need their own ticket on most domestic carriers, but they’ll have to sit on parents or grandparents laps. Try to buy a window and aisle seat in the same row on midday flights. If the seat next to you is purchased, chances are the person will gladly swap with you or move rows so you can sit together. If no one buys the seat, then you have the extra space.

Extra Clothing

Bring a change of clothes on the plane for not only your little traveler, but for you as well. You never know when a little one might get motion sick!

Diaper Change

Make sure to have a changing pad with you, not just diapers and wipes. Also, don’t pack all diapers in one bag. If it gets lost, you’re suddenly in a bind.

Cheap Travel Days

The least expensive days to fly are typically Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Around the holidays, try to travel on the actual holiday to save money on airfare. Since airfare sales normally run Tuesday – Thursday, those are often the best days to book.

Compare Airfares and Save

Using a metasearch engine, such as, gives you access to the largest number of airline carriers, online travel websites and airfare consolidators, helping you find the best price.

Travel Apps

One of my favorite new travel companions is the Travelzoo app available Free through iTunes. Travelzoo subscribers can find the best travel, entertainment and local deals, including the weekly Top 20, right on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This makes finding local deals when traveling super easy and convenient.

Source: sent this to me and since it was good sound advice I thought I would share it with others who might be traveling with children.