How to Tip When You Travel

Have you ever wondered how to tip when you are traveling? Who do you tip and how much? It can get confusing. Here are some suggestion for tipping when you travel.

how to tip when you travelTipping in the U.S. – Here in the States, bartenders and restaurant wait-staff typically make far below the minimum wage as they are expected to make up the difference in their tips. Tipping 15% of the total bill is standard but 20% for good service is customary.

Tipping at Hotels – Tip your bellman $1.00 a bag when he delivers your bags to or from your room. Tip them more if you ask them to do anything additional, like hailing taxis or if you have a lot of luggage.

Tipping Outside the U.S. – If you are traveling to another country then check the customs of that country before you visit. When tipping, do try and give gratuities in the local currency. And always keep small bills and change on hand when you travel

Tipping on a Cruise – Tips are customarily given to service staff on the last evening of your cruise. Most cruise lines will provide you with gratuity recommendations based upon the position of the service personnel provided.

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