How to Use the Zombie Booth App

What will they think of next. Now there is an app to turn a picture of your face into an interactive Zombie that bites, snarls, and looks like something evil that just came out of the ground.

Check out our video to find out the Zombie Booth app works. It takes just seconds to make a hideous Zombie out of a perfectly beautiful woman. It will definitely scare little children and tiny dogs so beware.

When you use the app you have to make sure to not open your mouth and don’t smile too much. Put the phone close to the person’s face for it to work the best. It’s especially fun to use when you are at a party.

how to use the zombie booth app

Zombie Booth 3D is available for the iPhone, iTouch, iPad at for $0.99 (7/24/11) and for Android Smartphones at for Free (7/24/11) or through the App store or Android Market on your phones.

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