Lysol No Hands Soap Dispenser Gets you Ready for Flu Season (Video)

@lysolprotects To prepare for the cold and flu season the Lysol No Hands soap dispenser is a must. You will want to get one or two to add to your germ fighting arsenal.

The Lysol No Hands soap dispenser works just like the professional ones you see in bathrooms in restaurants and rest areas across America. I was pleased with the quality of the actual unit.

What you get in the package:

  • The soap dispenser
  • The soap bottle
  • 4 AA batteries (already installed in the dispenser)

How to Set up the Lysol Soap Dispenser:

  1. Take the soap dispenser out of the packaging
  2. Remove the soap bottle from the unit.
  3. Turn the dispenser over and remove the battery housing cover
  4. Remove the red tab to activate the batteries. Replace the cover.
  5. Then take the protective tab off of the bottom of the soap bottle. Make sure the soap dispenser is set to off. The ON/OFF button is on the back.
  6. Push the soap bottle down into the soap dispenser making sure to “seat” it properly. You will know if it is seated if it clicks and if the soap eventually comes out of it when it is on.
  7. Put the Lysol soap dispenser on the counter and then turn it on.

It took mine a couple of tries before the soap actually came out as you will see in the video. I initially had a problem seating the bottle into the unit.

[iframe: width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

You do have to watch out that you put it someplace on the counter that you won’t be brushing your hand across that much. Anytime your hand or arm gets near the sensor it will dispense soap.

The soap bottle is replaceable and you might be able to refill the bottle too but I didn’t try. They sell refills in the store right beside the dispenser unit.

The Lysol No Hands soap dispenser works really well and it is a good idea to keep one where the kids will use it to help prevent germs. Any little thing you can do to stop the cold and flu from coming into your house is a good thing.

The Lysol soap dispenser system cost me around $6.00. I am sure it would be $2 to $4 more at a regular store. I bought mine at the Commissary and they had a $2.00 coupon right on the shelf. since this is a new product I would expect to see Manufacturers coupons coming out soon. When the soap refills go on sale stock up so you will always have one readily available.

The Lysol Healthy Touch dispenser is available online at,, CVS, Home Solutions, Walgreens, and Walmart. I would think that CVS and Walgreens would have some great deals on this in the future so watch for them.

lysol no hands soap dispenser review

lysol no hands soap dispenser review

lysol no hands soap dispenser review

lysol no hands soap dispenser review

Little ones really like this but make sure you have the dispenser turned to off if you don’t want a lot of soap to be all over your bathroom counter. It can be a lot of fun to play with.

Disclosure: this was a personal purchase

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  1. Ronald Prehoda says:

    I have bought two of these in the past year. I can only get about 6 months use out of these before they quit. Last one I bought leaked soap out from inside of the unit.

  2. I’ve had one in every bathroom for almost a year. They work fantastic. Soap seems to run out pretty fast, about every 3 – 4 weeks, but it could be becuase my kid is finally wasing his hands now. I’ve only had to replace the batteries in them once so far.; they dont sem to use a lot of power. These are definitely an improvement to my hoisehold that I wouldn’t want to live without.

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