Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Review

Greg and I went out to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol last night. We saw it at an IMAX theater (Rave Movies). It is the only way to see a movie like this. IMAX theaters are larger and have tall theater seats that rock and have a headrest. The screen is like 4 times as larger as a regular screen and they have huge speakers all around the room. The way they have the theater setup, there is no bad seat and you will never have someone blocking your view.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is a thrill ride of action from start to finish. While Greg said the story was “a little far fetched” (probably because he used to be in the Navy and ride Submarines), it was pure entertainment. Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt) is one scrappy dude and he can run like the wind so it is a joy to watch him. When he clings to the wall of the tallest building you have ever seen and swings from side to side you will feel your palms sweat.

We really enjoyed this action movie and think that if you are going to see it you do so at an IMAX theater to get the full experience. It is definitely a movie you could take your pre-teen to and not be shocked or worried about nudity or language. In the entire movie there was one swear word and just a tiny romantic scene, which was really nothing at all. Only one kiss in the whole movie. This movie is all about action and you won’t be disappointed.

Besides Tom Cruise, I have to say that my next favorite actor was Simon Pegg who played Benji Dunn. He showed real personality and gave the movie some comic relief now and then.

Check out a preview of the movie and put it on your list to go see. It’s a winner for sure!

One interesting side note, this movie was actually produced by Tom Cruise. If you want to read the whole storyline check out the IMDB site.

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