Move Over Mom Bloggers, Teen “Haul” Bloggers Are On The Rise

Move over mom bloggers, the new craze in blogging is teen “haul” shopping bloggers and they are are on the rise. Just tonight, ABC News reported that haul shopping is turning “amateur bloggers into tween tycoons.”

After tweens and teen go shopping they are coming home and showing off their fashion finds to the whole world through videos on their blogs and YouTube. Over 110,000 haul videos are on YouTube right now. Each video is about 10 minutes and it basically is free advertising for the brands. The girls in the videos brag about scouring the stores for sales and even shopping at bargain outlets.

fashion-haul-videos-elle-blair-fowlerIt sounds to me like we have a whole new generation of bargain shoppers. First came the mom bloggers with frugal shopping tips, freebie bloggers (me included) and extreme couponers and now we have the younger generation finding their place on the web with their version of saving money combined with technology. For the younger generation (GenY) technology is just a way life so making a video and blogging is easy for them.

Elle and Blair Fowler from Northeast Tennessee are the stars in this new shopping haul world with over 75,000,000 views on their videos alone. They are making money partnering with YouTube and brands are sitting up and taking notice by sending them merchandise in hopes that their product will get featured on their next video. They are even getting their 7-year-old sister in on the act and her first video has already been viewed 1 million times.

Elle and Blair even have their own blog at

You can see their YouTube videos here:

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