Natural Cleaning Tips with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

We have taken on a more natural approach to things in our house over the last few years. We have been trying to use more “green”, eco-friendly, and natural methods of cleaning and running our household. We will be using energy saving lightbulbs to cut our electricity bill down to size, burn wood in our wood-stove to save on our oil bill, and will be using more natural methods for cleaning.

When a friend suggested that I try Heinz Cleaning Vinegar I went looking for it in my local grocery store to give it a try. I know you can clean with vinegar but I didn’t know what Heinz Cleaning Vinegar had to offer and what was so different about it.

I didn’t find it in the cleaning supply aisle, although that is where I would assume it would be. I found it in the aisle with the other vinegars. You might have to search around the store until you find it. I guess that is where you would expect vinegar to be but I really expected to find this cleaning vinegar in the cleaning supplies department. I read the label and it said it is “safe for cooking, perfect for cleaning”. Sweet! Now I can use it for cooking and cleaning, all from the same bottle. Now that I know it is good for cooking and cleaning I see why they had it there. Maybe they should put it in both places so it’s easier to spot. If you don’t find it then I suggest you ask for help.

Cleaning Tips with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is available at most grocery stores, Walmart and on Amazon. It comes in a big gallon plastic jug, has a bright green label. The Gallon jug of Heinz Cleaning Vinegar was $2.98, such a bargain.

When I was checking out, the sales person at the store told me she used Heinz Cleaning Vinegar and told me, “vinegar is magic that God gave us” and that we should go back to “old school methods of cleaning” and stop using chemical cleaners. She even gave me her tips for cleaning with vinegar. One tip I thought was especially interesting was how to use vinegar to kill weeds.

Her suggestion for weed was, “When it is humid outside in the summer, add half water to white vinegar and put in a spray bottle. Then spray on your weeds. Next day they will be all withered up. She said to make sure you don’t do this if it is going to rain though.

What a great idea! Not only can Heinz vinegar clean it can kill weeds!

Another one was how she uses Heinz Vinegar to clean her clothes. She uses Purex and adds half water to the vinegar, a little detergent, and a little lemon juice to get the smell out and she swears her clothes come out cleaner.

Back at home I read the bottle more and learned that Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is still all natural vinegar but it is diluted with water to a cleaning strength of 6% acidity. Regular Heinz White Vinegar is only 5% acidity.

When you try something, it takes time to learn and my new methods of cleaning are going to take some “retraining of the brain” but I think we are off to a good start with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar.

The things I like the most about this product are that it is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and is so natural you could even cook with it. That is one safe product to use in my house in my book.

Natural Cleaning Tips with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

Have you ever used Vinegar to clean before? What tips can you give me?

Here’s a few more vinegar cleaning tips I found on the website.

Make Your Floors Shine: Combine one-half cup Heinz Cleaning Vinegar and one gallon of water to clean tile or linoleum. For tough stains, apply undiluted Cleaning Vinegar directly on the stain.

Eliminate Bathroom Film: Remove bathtub and tile film buildup by wiping surfaces with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar.

Keep Coffee Tasting Great: Remove mineral deposits from your coffee pot by filling the reservoir with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar and running through a brew cycle. Rinse thoroughly with two brew cycles of water.

Cut Dust and Grease: Keep exhaust fan grills, ceiling fan blades and air-conditioning grills grease- and dust-free by wiping with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

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  1. I also use vinegar to clean my house and especially the bathroom. This is the best cleaner I found for the glass door, which always has hard water stains on it. I absolutely recommend the vinegar as a cleaner!

  2. I had a repairman tell me to put 1/2 cup of white vinegar each time you run your dishwasher. It softens the water, no spots and helps to keep build up in the pipes. I do it every time I run my dishwasher.

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