New Shopping Site Matches Products To Your Lifestyle

@LeLaKnows is a brand new shopping site that matches products to your exact lifestyle needs. Lela was created to take the stress out of shopping for anything from baby products to digital cameras (coming soon). They use a Compatibility Test that matches products perfectly to your exact lifestyle needs. Meaning, out of thousands of strollers, Lela can find the one that will fit you best – and ONLY YOU!

The compatibility test is quite interesting. Visit their site and click on, Take Lela’s Compatibility Test. You will be given a few pictures to choose from that will help Lela decide what you are all about. It is short and sweet and only took me about 2 minutes to complete.

Lela is like a personal assistant for busy parents.

lela shopping site

Then you will be presented with categories of products that match your personality. Right now Lela only offers information and pricing about strollers, car seats, and cribs but they will be coming out with digital cameras and other products shortly.

Lela doesn’t actually sell the items you choose but gives you a list of sites that sell them with ratings and pricing.

lela shopping site

Source: Lela sent me information about their new site and I thought I would pass it along to our readers.

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