Nextbook Premium 7 Multimedia Tablet Review

I have been testing out the Nextbook Premium 7 tablet by EFUN and this is my review. This is a snazzy little tablet that has a ton of great features. You can’t compare it to a Galaxy Tab or iPad because it is not in the same price range but you will be pleasantly surprised at just what this tablet has to offer.

The Nextbook has the following features:

  • Bright, crystal clear Capacitive 7″ touch-screen
  • Android-powered 2.3 OS system that is Flash 10.1 ready (can be updated)
  • Built-in 802.11 WiFi
  • eBook Reader + Kobo for purchasing more eBooks
  • SlideME application manager
  • OfficeSuite Pro
  • ASTRO File Manager
  • 1GHz processor
  • 4GB of built-in flash memory
  • SD/MMC card slot for up to 32 GB
  • SD memory card slot for expansion purposes
  • G-sensor
  • Task Killer app
  • Mini 2.0 USB
  • Earphone jack
  • integrated speakers (in the back)
  • Protective suede-like cover
  • wall power adapter unit with cable
  • USB computer cable

If you like surfing the web, checking email, listening to MP3 music files, watching videos on You Tube, chatting on Twitter, Facebook, reading eBooks, playing games, keeping an electronic grocery shopping list, or checking the time and weather, the NEXTBOOK Premium 7 could be just the tablet for you.

The price is much less than one of the larger tablets at $299.99. You can purchased the Nextbook Premium 7 at AAFES (Army/Air Force Exchange), Alcos, Conn’s, HSN, MCX (Marine Corps Exchange), Adorama, CWR Electronics, Heartland America, NEX (Navy Exchange), Bon-Ton, Fingerhut, ABC Warehouse.

The Touch Screen

I found that the touch screen is very intuitive and easy to see because it is clear and bright. It recognized my touch easily and typing on the keypad was easy as well. The buttons on the Nextbook are also intuitive and very similar to other tablets.

Just like a lot of tablets and Smartphones, you can turn the tablet in any direction and the screen will turn. You can lock it too through a setting on the tablet (not a button on the side like the iPad).

nextbook premium 7 tablet review

nextbook premium 7 tablet review

The App Store

I found it a little hard to find apps to install but then I watched one of their instructional videos on the Nextbook site and figured out. You have to use the SlideME app and then bring up the search to find the app you want to install. Touch Download, Install and then touch Settings because the Nextbook will block any installing of apps until you allow it to access the Wifi connection you are using. Once you are in Settings touch next to “Unknown sources”  and touch OK. The you can continue with the install. I found this a bit confusing until I watch the video and once I figured it out I didn’t have to do it each time I wanted to download something.

Just so you are clear, even though this is an Android operating system you cannot use the Android Market to get apps. You have to use the SlideMe app market and pick from the apps available. That means you will not be able to get every app made for the Android systems. I was not able to find Angry Birds but I did find lots and lots of apps like the Flashlight, games similar to Angry Birds, eBooks, videos, utilities and lots more. There are 10s of thousands of apps, many free so even though you might not be able to get some you heard about you will definitely have more than enough to keep you busy. If you have kids definitely try out the LEGO Master app. When I looked it was on 30 cent.

EBook Reader and Kobo Store

The Nextbook has apps already installed like an eBook reader that has 25 books pre-installed, ready to read. To add more ebooks to the built-in eBook reader you will have to attach the Nextbook to your computer.

It also have the Kobo eBook store built-in. This means you can download books directly from the Internet with your WiFi connection.

Built-in Features

Because it is on the Android system you can customize your home screen (which you can’t on an iPad) and put just those apps you use a lot on it. It also has a neat photo gallery and a lot of photos you can use to customize your background on the desktop.

Here are some of the other cool features I found on the Nextbook Premium 7:

  • Large Time and Weather feature right on the main screen
  • Task Killer built-in so you can kill apps that are open and zapping your battery’s life
  • Nextbook Guide installed so you can look for help when you can’t figure something out
  • Calculator
  • Astro File manager to easily see the files you have downloaded from the Web, from attachments via email, or through your computer
  • OfficeSuite Pro – yes, you can create and read Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint or slideshows
  • Google search right on the home screen which makes it convenient for searching the web


The speakers are in the back. I never understood why tablet makers put them in the back. If you are on a train and are sitting across from someone you often have to turn the sound up high and then it blasts the person across from you and you still can’t hear it. This is a problem for many tablets, not just this one, and maybe it isn’t a problem but more of a personal annoyance on my part.

Adding Videos, Music, Photos, Documents

You will need to hook the Nextbook tablet to your computer if you want to add videos, music, photos, or documents you already have. You can also email the documents to yourself and check your email on the Nextbook and download or open the attachments you have sent to yourself.

At the current time I haven’t found apps you can use to download music or videos from the web similar to iTunes but there may be something available in the SlideME app store.

nextbook premium 7 accessories

Nextbook Accessories

You get a USB cable and power cable with the Nextbook Premium 7 and also a suede-like pouch to keep it in. I am using the pouch to keep the manual and the cables in. I purchased a leather-like case to put the Nextbook in and it helps to keep the dust off and protected when I put it in my purse.

You can get a cover fairly cheap from The one I purchased was for the Nook and fits perfectly. I think it cost me around $20 and it came with all kinds of extra like a screen protector and extra cables. Definitely make sure you get a screen protector.

Update: You can buy just the leatherette cover that has the soft velour fabric inside for around $11 on

nextbook premium 7 leather cover case

nextbook premium 7 leather cover case

nextbook premium 7 leather cover case

In Conclusion:

The Nextbook Premium 7 Tablet is a snazzy little tablet that does just about everything you need it to do. You aren’t going to get this tablet and expect to replace your computer. I also own an iPad, which is much larger, and I can’t work on it either. Tablets are for convenience if you don’t own a Smartphone or want something you can give to your children or teens to use when they are in the car on a trip or at home. I don’t ever see them replacing computers. The Nextbook Premium is super fast, super clear, and has tons of features that make this well worth the price.

Update: If you ever have problems with your Nextbook just call their Customer Service number at 1-888-415-5177 or visit their Tech Help section on their site at

Disclosure: I received this Nextbook Premium 7 in exchange for my honest opinion which I have given above.

Disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links. Some products may be media samples given to us to for our honest review. All opinions are our own and not that of the brand. Read our policies for more details.


  1. Hi Wendy,
    i have a nice little stash of gc’s that I have won. I am going to Europe soon for 3 weeks. Do you think this nifty little thing would work ok there/ WIFI?

    • As long as they have WiFi I would think it would work. I didn’t look to see if it is was designed to work in Europe so you might want to check if you are considering this brand or any other.

      • hi
        i have tablet model m726
        i forgor the password and i cant tern him on
        there is no volume buton on it
        pleas can you help me to open my tablet
        and thanks

    • yes it works with wifi when its connected to a wireless network

  2. Well they sell it to the world from Dinodirect. But has it got offocesuite pro? Mine only came with the free version and no calendar app. Tech help is less than responsive. And theres no firmware on the website so if you have a problem……

  3. Hi , Do you have Leather Case fo Nextbook Premium 7 ? if any , How to buy it ?
    Thank you.

  4. Daniel Garcia says:

    Just trying to find out how this device works with watching movie’s. Can you download movie’s to this device or watch by using netflix?

    • You have to download Microsoft Silverlight to use Netflix. You go to, log into your account, click on Instant Queue and pick one of your movies you have in the queue for instant viewing. It will prompt you to download the Silverlight file. We tried to download this file through the Nextbook and it didn’t work. I would suggest you hook the Nextbook up to your computer and download the file through your computer and try to install it that way.

      • Robin Paullin says:

        Hi Wendy, there is an easier way of getting Netflix. Open the browser on your Nextbook, go to and download the Amazon Apps Store app for Androids. When it has downloaded and been installed it open a whole new world of apps for your Nextbook Premium 7. Including an app for Netflix for Android. No Silverlight required and no PC needed.

  5. hi wendy,
    how long the usage of the battery, i heard can go for 5 hours. how about you


  6. Thanks for the tip about a cover. By the way, Angry Birds is available from Amazon. Get the Amazon app.

  7. Have a new Premium 8
    1. Can I use Excel?
    2. How do you get it hooked up to do that if yes?

  8. So the amazon app can be downloaded, making their large inventory available? Trying to decide on kindle/nook when I saw this on HSN

  9. How do I download a book onto my Nextbook 7 Premium addition. It says it is downloading and then it it says it can’t. Kobo is preloaded and I am not sure what to do from here.

  10. It keeps coming up with download paused and then moves onto the next book with the same result

  11. Do you know if there is a text-to-speech app that could be installed. I’m looking for an app that will highlight the words and have the abilility to adjust speed. Could you also tell me how heavy it is?

    • Yes, I found several “Text to Speech” apps. One is actually just called Text to Speech and it says it has the ability to control the speed. That one costs $1.99. Another one I found is free and it is called Text2Speech. It has a good rating but it doesn’t say if it controls speed or not. I don’t have an accurate way of weighing it but I put it on our bathroom scales and it didn’t register at all so that means it weighs less than a pound.

      • Sasha Deveau says:

        Two things: The Nextbook premium 7 is .85 lb. The WiFi will work in most Euro countries, but France is limited access. You’d have to look up what is available there.

  12. Thankyou for this review its refreshing.

  13. Thank you Wendy for this. I just received the Nextbook for Christmas (early) from my husband. I’m super excited about it, but I cannot get it to communicate with my router (grr…). I was contemplating having my husband just send it back because I just wasn’t sure it was worth the headache. After reading your blog though, I think it may be worth another shot. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas to you =).

    • Stephanie, I am glad we could help. Do you have a firewall that might be blocking it or the wireless security setup on your router? If so, disable it, then try to connect it and then enable the security once it is on your network.

    • Joanne Johnson says:

      Hi Stephanie and everyone,

      I have this tablet as I just got it couple weeks ago on sale @ HSN.. its great so far but have had problem connecting at school ..(maybe school network problem) I was able to use it at church and I also have a router at home…No problem using it at home…Did you use your security password for your router? I am still learning to use this…so far i love it..its worth the price…got it for $30 month for 5 months…$150

  14. Have you had the problem with it not opening up games or videos on youtube with a message that says foreclosure? It was working fine and then all of a sudden i cant open anything up and also has moved “my music” in the astro file and i cant open that either. Or do u have any idea where i can call support?

  15. I am having issues signing in on the borders site for ebooks it keeps telling me that the webpage is unavaliable and has been saying this for about 2 days now. I am not able to get any books and very disappointed please help me

  16. Out of the box and can’t get a WiFi connection. It says the wifi is secured, but connection is unsuccessful. What now?

    • If the wifi is secured, you need to get the password. For anyone having connectivity issues, I suggest go to a place that has free Wifi (McDonalds?) to connect. If it does, the problem is with your home connection. There is a new Firmware update on the Nextbook website for the Next7P that should help with internet connection prolems

      • I guess I’m gonna have to head to McDonalds tomorrow cause I can’t connect to WiFi in my house. It’s a new router (within the past year and a half) & a laptop in the house connects just fine. I have tried for an hour — it just scans, disconnects, scans, disconnects got it one (i think) but then disconnected. Driving me insane and just want to trow it across the room. Read the directions but just no connection. Frustrated, didn’t even think I should keep it in the first place and this moment I wish I never opened the box. I’ll check out the website in the morning I guess, but giving up tonight

        • mine did the same thing I got a letter saying there was a upgrade so any called them and they walked me threw it and still didnt work so they sent me a sd card and i think i got it not all things seams to be working but on here im learning things,so good luck and call them they are realy great with all the help u need.

  17. Can I download Amazon ebooks onto the Premium 7?

    • I believe Amazon has the Kindle app and yes, you can install that on the Nextbook 7. The Amazon store app is available too.

  18. Hi Wendy.. I like to watch alot of my shows online directly from the shows website. I know you listed that it Flash 10.1 ready. I’m just wondering if it actually works.. I like to watch shows from, nbc and cwtv so I’m wondering if this is even worth buying.

    • Carla, I tested out TV shows on and they worked fine. I assume the other sites would play as well.

      • Thanks for the quick reply! I do have a few more questions if u don’t mind. I know it does not have a built in camera feature but has a mini USB, I do have a mini USB adapter with the female on the other end.. Now do u think it will work if you hooked up your webcam? If so could u download the Skype? I would love to be able to video chat.

      • Hello,

        Great review! I keep trying to play television shows from with no luck, any ideas on how to fix this?

        I love this tablet, very versatile and cost-worthy since I only paid $129 from Big Lots. I even found a way to download the Android Market which makes it that much better! =)


  19. Kathy Brown says:

    Have you found a site to download music?

  20. stephen sistare says:


    I have a good connection to unsecured wifi routers, but could not get the update for Premium 7 to transfer on the nextbook 7 for my secured router. I’ll try to use a different computer and see if this works. I would like to connect to a different secured router and see if it is the router, because it is about 5 years old, although my laptop connects to it fine. There may be some settings on the router that are not allowing me to connect. It has a good connection speed, but I would like to get it working with my secured router. If you have any tips or who to call please let me know, as I have spoken with tech support. The factory data reset is good to do if you are having connection problems.

  21. Spoke to Ellina at tech support….downlosd from SITE 2….save to desktop…do not open it….it seems to be a img….make sure to open the Next7 icon in my computer…drag the update to make it the last one there….Good Luck:)….Got my (2) at Big Lots this week…special they’re running $129.99….p.s….Serial #’s wont match….YF 1011***** should work…. Phone # 877.722.3755 ….I love mine…downloading from (Prime)….Plenty of Apps<3…Hope it helps someone:)…Merry Christmas<3

    Firmware Updates for NEXT7P
    To update the firmware on your NEXT7P, PLEASE make sure you use the CORRECT update for the Serial Number that corresponds with your unit.

    Serial Number Firmware Version
    YF101131201-33868 Please select one of the following sites
    to download the firmware updates:
    Site 1
    Site 2
    Site 3

    Serial Number Firmware Version
    YF091111683-14182 Please select one of the following sites
    to download the firmware updates:
    Site 1
    Site 2
    Site 3


    To correct the problem connecting to Wi-Fi or internet connection speed on your NEXT7P, please follow these Instructions:
    1.Download the firmware update to your home PC or laptop.
    2.Connect your NEXT7P to your computer using the USB cable provided.
    3.On your NEXT7P click on “turn on USB storage”
    4.Your computer will recognize the NEXT7P. Once it does, drag and drop the downloaded file to you NEXT7P.
    5.Once the file is transferred completely, click on “turn off USB storage” on your NEXT7P and disconnect the USB from your NEXT7P.
    6.Run the Firmware update as prompted on your NEXT7P.

    • Serial numbers DO NOT need to match. If your serial number begins with (YF1011) or (YF0911) you can still update your firmware. I bought 3 of the nextbook 7 premium, They would not browse the internet Grrrr! So I called Tech Support for Dummies and they had me download the file even though the serial didn’t match ( it must match the first 6 characters). Now the tablets are awesomely FAST!!! I had a promo code from HSN for the call to Tech Support for Dummies, which was free.

  22. Hey Wendy….,The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled
    ….Need to enable;)

  23. Kathy Morgan-Thompson says:

    Hi Wendy:

    I just found your blog while searching for info. about the Nextbook I just bought. Do you have any idea why after I’ve downloaded videos from my computer to the tablet, I can’t play the videos? The message says” Cannot play video”.

  24. Kathy Morgan-Thompson says:

    Hi Wendy:

    I just tried shutting down my tablet, turned it back on, and now when I choose to play a video, I get the following message:
    “The application Video (process android.rk.RockVideoPlayer) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Force close.

    Do you have any idea what I can do to play my videos?

    • If it is an app, try deleting it and reinstalling it.

      • Kathy Morgan-Thompson says:

        Hi Wendy:

        Thanks for your reply. I’m assuming there was an app preloaded on the tablet when I bought it to play videos, since there are preloaded youtube videos on it that I can play. How do I find out what the app is that must have been preloaded? I don’t see anything on the menu that looks like a video player. I didn’t download any app after I bought the tablet. Is there an app that you would recommend that I can try to play my videos??

  25. What about space…My daughter has a 8″ and my son has the 7″ nextbooks, both are saying low on space. How can we make more room. She has had hers since the 3rd of Dec. 2011 and he got his the 5th of Dec. 2011.

    • The best thing to do if you run out of space is to buy an SD memory card. There is a slot to put it in on the side and that will give you more space.

  26. Wow Wendy! Very cool and informative blog. Just bought one @ Big Lots. You just gained some new fans out here in (brace yourself) South Central Los Angeles

    • Sweet deal 🙂 I love traffic and new readers. We are going to CES – Consumer Electronics Show – in Las Vegas in January and will be coming back with all kinds of new electronics to write about so stick around. Heck, maybe we will even give some away 🙂

  27. Bought 2 @ Big Lots, 1 for a Christmas gift. I had purchased an 8″ Chinese import on eBay which had been modified. I did not like the screen response and it was too big and I already have an I-Pad. I just wanted something a bit bigger than my Android phone.
    I was a bit leery since there was no Android Market on the phone, but after a few Google searches, I found your blog. When someone mentioned you can download Amazon market and I could download my beloved Angry Birds, I broke the seal and opened the box. I feels like a small IPad.

    Most of the e readers I have seen in the retail stores have an inset screen with a raised border around it, to me it is not conducive to” flipping pages”.

    I picked up 2 8GB (Ultra) cards for $15 each and found covers at Amazon. I cut down an extra IPad screen protector and I have outfitted 2 tablets for under $300.

    Thanks for all the great info. I have bookmarked this page.

    • Thanks for checking out our blog. I also have an iPad and an iPhone. I do like the Nextbook but not sure I could use everything 🙂 For people who don’t have the money to buy an iPad or Galaxy Tab or more expensive tablet it is a good choice. It is also good for parents of teenagers who don’t want to spend a lot. You can’t get all of the apps a standard Android system has available but so far I have found way more than I would ever use.

      • Wendy, can you tell me how to get the office working, the only icon I see is the ms office pro and when I press on it it takes me to the upgrade site, nothing opens except the browser that takes me to that site. Help me if you can. Do I have to install anything?

        • Tony, unfortunately I can’t help because I don’t have the Nextbook I reviewed anymore. Can’t you call the company and have them help you?

  28. has anyone had any problems down loading the firemware for next7p. My tablet will not download the firmware. My laptop cant open the down loaded firmware.

    • Michael, I haven’t had time to test it out further. I suggest you visit the Nextbook site’s tech support for help

      • Hi Wendy,
        To go with your post I would like to repeat myself by posting this info again…. Serial numbers DO NOT need to match. If your serial number begins with (YF1011) or (YF0911) you can still update your firmware. Just pick the site 1,2or 3.. I used site 1. I bought 3 of the nextbook 7 premium, They would not browse the internet Grrrr! So I called Tech Support for Dummies and they had me download the file even though the serial didn’t match ( it must match the first 6 characters). Now the tablets are awesomely FAST!!! I had a promo code from HSN for the call to Tech Support for Dummies, which was free. So this is my free techie advise to all!!!

    • `Hi Micheal,
      you can’t open that IMG file on the laptop the tablet will do it. Here’s how….After you download the file to your laptop and you have connected the tablet by usb to your laptop, open MY COMPUTER you will see an extra removable device drive. Click on it to open the drive which will be your tablet. Take the file you downloaded drag and drop the file onto the tablet. after disconnect the usb, making sure you have the charger plugged in as well. Now shut down the tablet and then restart it up. The tablet should show you right off that it has found the firmware file. after the update is done shut down and restart one more time. You should be good as gold. Good Luck

  29. i bought this tablet for my husband for Christmas, and it is a great deal for the money ( I paid $129.00 at Big Lots). You can also download apps from the Amazon Appstore for Android. They have more apps available (including Angry Birds) and I find it is easier to download from there than from SlideMe.

    • I cant get angry birds to download. Did u have to sign in and put in a credit card number?

      • Actually, I received the Next7 for Christmas. Once I figured out that it uses .apk files, the skies the limit. Did the amazon app store, and had the same thing (need a cc), but, if you know what app you want, type it into a search with the apk file name… i.e. “angry birds apk download”…. I have found LOTS of sites that offer the apps, free. For example, I had only heard of angry birds, never played it. Did that search, and within 5 minutes had it up and running, and was figuring out how to play it. Did the same thing with Netflix, solitaire, crossword puzzles… more stuff than I’ll ever play, probably. I have found, however, not ALL apk file apps will work. And after installing one or two, they needed updates, so I had to search for those. And, I have found it much easier to do the searching from my laptop, download the stuff, hook the N7P to the computer, and move the files over. 🙂

  30. Thecrafter says:

    Hi Wendy, I Thank U for your review. I have had the next book since June 2011, when the new Prem 7 was introduced on Home shopping show. I paid $ 199. at that time it was selling at their site for 299. I have enjoyed using it and , all of the features and took it with me when i cruised this past Oct. It worked just fine when I bought cruise ship Wifi pkg. lite easy to travel with. U can use many types of covers with it if they fit a 7′ or even 6″ tablet or E readers. This tablet will let U upload apps that are APK. (apk) as per Email from Nextbook support site. U can call their Customer Sev. # 1 888 415 5177. Note this is in the Pacific part of USA U must allow for time change , depending where U are calling from. I was advised that this is a American made product and I appreciate getting a manual in english. I have called and Emailed questions and always got a reply from them even a email from them after hours which really surprised me. So there is a lot of help from the company is U ask for it. The Crafter. Wendy Thanlks again for all the help U give.

  31. Thecrafter says:

    I wanted to add, My family and I have all toll 5 of these tablets ( Nextbook Prem. 7 ). My 2 daughters, my husband and I . I just gave my son and his wife one for their anniversary. We have not had any problems with them and I call or Email their Tech support for help all the time when i need it. I just got back this info a week ago. they said I can use these other 3rd party app sites. (, , ). I hope this helps someone out their. ” Thecrafter “

  32. I bought the next book premium 7 have charged it and the dang thing will not turn on???? Talk about one disappointed kid! Thinking about returning it and getting him a Kindle Fire!

    • It could just be the unit you received. It sure would be disappoint for a kid expecting it work 🙂 I would call them or go back where you bought it and exchange it.

    • Make sure you push and ‘hold’ the power button for a few seconds. When I power up from off, I hold it in for about 3 seconds…

  33. I bought this Nextbook 7 so my kids could play Angry Birds. They told me there would be no problem downloading Angry Birds. Now cant find out how to get it downloaded.. Very disappointed.

    • Yeh, unfortunately, while the Nextbook uses an Android Marketplace it isn’t the standard Marketplace that includes all of the apps and Angry Birds is one of them. It’s a good tablet but not if you are looking for specific apps. You can usually find alternatives if some aren’t available.

    • Here is step by step instructions on how to install the Android Market on your Nextbook. I just did it and downloaded Angry Birds, works perfect. Took me about an hour to figure it out, but not bad considering the money you will save! (This isn’t my blog, but still VERY helpful!)

      • Nice, thanks for the post. It should help anyone looking to install Angry Birds on the Nextbook 🙂

      • I tried to down load the anroid app, but it is very difficult. Are there any other instructions that are easier to understand. Without the Anroid market, I cannot find a lot of apps?

        • Peter, I tried many other methods hoping for a simpler method, but came up with nothing successful. Basically it is a hack, so they don’t want it to be easy. 😉

      • I have attempted 3 times to install this, but I cannot find the android-sdk r15, there is only the sdk r16 zip. I followed the instructions, but it will reconize or find ADB file or device? any suggestions?

        • The sdk r16 zip is just the most updated one. That is what I used and it worked perfectly. Make sure you follow every instruction exactly (sans the updated file of course) and it will work. =) It is tedious, but my nextbook is fully equipped now, so I swear it works.

        • Peter, I would suggest you go to the site that has the instructions for adding the Android system to the Nextbook and ask them how to fix it. I really haven’t played around with it so I can’t help with troubleshooting it.

    • Angry birds plays fine on mine.
      I simply created an Amazon account – logged in, downloaded the Amazon Market application.
      And that opens up a world of applications.
      Some free, some cost.
      I downloaded 3 versions of Angrybirds and they were all free (With small advertising).

  34. I bought this next7 the other day and it was workin fine on wifi until today i went to download a game app and it seem like it was taken forever and then it told i couldnt download it so im trying to figure out if these thinngs can catch a virus or somthing?

  35. When I try to download any apps from the slide me marketplace, it says download failed for every app and a permissions box pops up. Ne ideas?? I cant find anywhere to change the permissions and i have already enabled the device to install 3rd party apps.

    • Hmmm, enabling the 3rd party apps worked for me. Maybe it downloaded it and you aren’t seeing it? Maybe your Network is blocking the connection? All I can suggest is you contact Nextbook by phone or their Tech Support on their website. The links and phone are in our post.

      • Maybe the apps you’ve downloaded have caused your tablet to reach it’s max capacity. Try putting an SD card in the slot in the bottom of the unit and run more apps from there via Explorer. Also handy is the Kill Task Manager which will, um, kill apps you’ve opened but no longer need to keep open.

        Speaking of SD cards, the specs as I read them say you can use up to a 32G card. Is that true? I thought I read somewhere else that it was only up to 8G?

        Great blog, Wendy. I’ll be back for more info. Don’t let the above make you think I know what I’m doing. LOL Happy New Year!

  36. My siblings and I bought this for my 71 year old mother for Christmas. She has it up and running (on her own 🙂 but her only complaint is that she likes to read outside and the glare is bad. Is there an option to assist with outside glare?

  37. do you have to pay for the apps

  38. I am thinking of buying the Nextbook, but wanted to know how long it lasts after charging.

    • 5 hrs Video; 7 hrs Music; 7 hrs Browsing. I think I have that right. 🙂 It’s all in the information that came with your tablet. I found reading it more than once helped me come up with things I missed the first time.

  39. Great review Wendy. I just purchased one on TSC. Like a kid in a candy store…..I can’t wait!

  40. Hello,
    My husband just got me the Nextbook Premium 7 for Christmas. We live in a very rural community. Which wi-fi router should I buy?

  41. I picked up one of these at Biglots as a gift to myself. ($129)
    I love it.
    I went back and bought another for my daughter. She loves it.
    It’s great to have when pulling out the laptop is too much trouble.
    I recommend it to someone who wants to check email, surf the web, check Facebook, watch videos,
    or play a quick game of agrybirds, etc without having to pull out the laptop or goto the office desktop.
    We have taken ours on 2 short trips and out to eat using the resturant’s wifi.
    Love it!!!
    Pros: Crystal clear screen, very responsive speed, sd card slot
    Cons: battery life , no microphone, no blue tooth
    I also prefer tablets that have external volume controls ie. Lenovo.
    For the money, you won’t beat this one.

  42. I got the nextbook for Christmas and I don’t know if I should open it. I think I’d only use it for like facebook & twitter (I run a couple sites for a restaurant) and to read some books. I’m not a kind of person to do games and such. Maybe I’d put some pics on it too. Here’s the thing, I’m not very good with pcs, I’ve had a mac for 10 years & can never help anyone with their laptop if they have a problem. When I’m out how would I get connected to WiFi so I can go online to facebook? Also, how do I get photos on it. My camera has a SDultra card but I wouldn’t want to upload them all — cause I worry about memory on the nextbook. Am I just being silly and over thinking it? The other thing is I nanny for a family and thought I could use it during naptime, but they don’t have the internet so I wouldn’t be able to use facebook there. The box makes it look really nice & I know my mom was happy to give it to me, but I don’t want to waste her money. Thanks if you can help.

    • Keep it! It’s pretty cool. First thing to do is open the box and take out the Quick Start Guide and also the manual that comes with it. I’m a non-techie anymore (can’t keep up as fast as I used to) and *most* of it was pretty clear to me. But just *read* the literature that comes with it. You can still return it if it all boggles the mind too much. Oh and bookmark this page ’cause there’s some really useful information. Read (I know, I keep saying that) the posts and then ask more questions.

  43. Wendy,
    I have been looking for information on my premium 7, concerning internet phone calls.. can i make skype calls?.. so far no definative answer,

    • Hmm, no replys..huh..

      • Allen, I do not know the answer to your question. I haven’t had time to check into it and we’re gearing up for a big conference right now. Since the Nextbook has a earphone jack I would think you could also plug in a microphone and it should work but I haven’t tested it. I quickly looked at the device and it doesn’t have a built-in microphone.

        • Wendy,
          Have you had time to check further into my question about making calls from my nextbook 7 premium. I am still trying to find an answer from several sites.

          • well…does ANYBODY have an answer to my question?..still looking but so far not able to get a definative answer..the NB7P does have a keypad for calls but..???

  44. I like the feature on the kindle fire where you can put your finger on a word and it comes up with the definition. Is there an app you can get to do that. It’s very a very cool feature.

    • Hi Mary, I installed the Kindle App onto my Nextbook and downloaded a couple of free books from there. It has that feature.

  45. Hi, I was hoping you could help me since the actual nextbook people have not gotten back to me yet. I just got the premium 7 for Christmas and also received one of those new movie packs with the blu-ray, dvd, and digital copy. I was hoping I could watch it on my nextbook but it won’t play, it plays fine on my computer but it will not play on the nextbook. I tried saving it directly on the nextbook and then on the sd card but neither will work. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Allie, unfortunately I am not really a Nextbook expert 🙂 I would suggest you look for an app that allows you to play movies. That might help

  46. The slide me apps is not extensive and in Cnaada you cannot access the Amazon app store but i was able to download the Getjar app which probably has the most free apps on the market , this is on the Vox unit from Kobo and will work on the Premium 7 tablet

  47. Anyone want to buy a nextbook 6

  48. Rebecca Supple says:

    Great place to get more free books works great lots of stuff to choose from am enjoying my nextbook 6

  49. Ashley Karyn says:

    Can Someone Please Help Me With The Setup ? Its NOT Taking To My Wifi …

  50. You mentioned that if you wanted to get a movie, photos, documents, etc. into the tablet, you have to connect it to a computer. Is it possible to do this by putting then on a SD Card and inserting it in the machine for download?

    • That should work and ought to be faster than USB transfer — though you might not notice any speed difference unless you’re moving a LARGE amount of data. You could also e-mail things to yourself, check your e-mail on your tablet, and download from there.

  51. Can someone tell me how to get my nextbook out of safe mode?

  52. Hi. From what I understand, some folks are having trouble playing video. I travel, and seldom have a WiFi connection. I have thousands of movies and shows in MP4 format. Will this device play them? Thanks.

  53. Love my Nextbook Premium 7… I was able to download the Amazon App store as well as the Kindle App. Amazon has free apps as well as free Kindle ebooks that I am able to send to my Nextbook(just as if it was a Kindle). I also downloaded Angry Birds through the Amazon app store and it works fine. I haven’t had any problems with it so far and I have had it for 2 months.

  54. Just wanted to know if this product would work well for college students, getting books for classes?

    • That will depend on the books’ publishers —
      Did they make them available in electronic format?
      If they’re available in electronic (ebook) format, is it usable in Android, through the Kindle app, or some other means other than just on a Windows computer?
      Does a particular book come with software that you will have to install and run for your class? If so, quite likely it is for Windows only.
      There are other important questions, I’m sure; but those are all I can think of now.

  55. Has anyone found a good calendar app that works with Google calendar?

  56. Wendy you can download Angry birds and many other apps on the Nextbook by downloading Amazon for apps. You can then access their entire app store. I wanted the Olivetree Bible and accessed it there it wasn’t available on SlideMe.

  57. Arthur Henn says:

    Will the officepro let me create documents on Nextbook 7 – My understanding is that it comes installed on this. I sooo hope it does. What a great tool to be able to use on the fly…

    • From the review:
      OfficeSuite Pro – yes, you can create and read Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint or slideshows

      • On the other hand, I’ve just taken a look at the manual
        and it says this:
        Page 5, Feature Summary:
        Office Document Reader
        With the built-in OfficeSuite, you can read documents in Word, Excel, PPT etc.
        Then on page 28:
        The device provides support to Microsoft Office document with its built-in OfficeSuite application. You can read documents in Word, Excel or PPT etc.

        So I guess Wendy meant you can create MS Office documents (somewhere else), and then read them on the NEXT7P. Sorry

  58. Hi.!! So i just recently purchased the nextbook and i love it. I was woundering if anyone could tell me how to get the nook app because i already have a barnes and nobel account with many books on it, and i dont really care for kobo. Thank you in advance for your help

  59. I LOVE my nextbook premium 7 ! It does everything! Trying to find something negative to say is hard. The teens thought it was cool too and they are a harder crowd to please. You can’t beat it for the price at $129. Might get another one for my daughter.

  60. Gina-Bina says:

    I purchased the HDE 7″ Tablet Stand with USB Keyboard – Black Faux Leather Carrying Case
    for my tablet, the only problem is trying to get both the tablet and external keyboard to recognize each other. I’m in need of finding the USB host settings.

  61. hello i just found a way to download skype on my nextbook premuim 7 but when i skype call noone can hear me! i bought a pair of head phones with a puch button microphone in it! and it still does not work! how can i talk on skype??? help please!

  62. I Found tons of apps for my Nextbook P7 at Amazon Apps – Apps for Androids.

  63. Sophie Williams says:


    I was look at the HDE tablet stand for 7″ tablets. It comes with a keyboard. Have you or anyone out there purchased this and does the keyboard work with the Nextbook 7?

  64. How is the nexbook premium 7 for watching movies? can i download them on it?

  65. Hi nextbook people, love the nextbook,, but once dropped broke screens, I have 2 of them, live in Canada, want to find out how to replace screens, please help….. Hard to read my book, Thank

  66. How do you enable a usb keyboard to the Nextbook 7 Premium Tablet? I have already purchased and connected the HDE USB A Female to 5-Pin Male Adapter, however, the tablet is not recognizing the usb keyboard.

    • Christian says:

      I spoke to a technician at Nextbook and they stated that the tablet’s USB only receives data into the tablet. It will not send out data. This means it will not run an external USB keyboard. I found this out after Amazon seemed to appear that it would work with this units and many others but most will not. I know the keyboard works as I hooked it up to my desk top and it worked right away. Hope this helps. I do know the Maylong tablet will work with the external keyboard. Christian

  67. So if I had a pandigital tablet which used the Nook app, can I retrieve my books I’ve already bought on the Nextbook? I’ve tried signing on to my Barnes and Nobles account and installing the Nook app for Android over and over and can not make it work. It keeps stopping like I’ve not signed on but I do that over and over again. Ugghh; I have books I’ve not read yet in limbo 🙁
    Oh, I tried the SlideMe Marketplace and can’t even find the ‘search’ function, just all the apps available but not Nook.

  68. Marianne says:

    How do you remove books after you have read them?

  69. Hey Wendy! I was looking to purchase a portable keyboard case for my Nextbook p7 you hook up the USB cable attatched to the keyboard into your tablet and it’s suppers to be a full working keyboard. My problem is, is that I’ve heard that it won’t hook up properly because it requires a USB host port it’s actually on and there’s a picture if it on this review on like an amazon ad just wondering if it would work let me know!

  70. Thanks for making this article going over the amazon kindle. I just got a kindle and now im finding out about the various things I am able to do with it. Bookmarking after this read for my buddies can visit and read too!

  71. Does the nextbook had a headphone jack ????

  72. Does the nextbook had a headphone jack ????
    Oooopppps !
    It sure does
    My bad

  73. justdoit4fun says:

    i bought my Nextbook Premium 7SE and i need to know 2 things, first how can i get rid of Net Nanny Browser? keep asking my to register my tablet for money and keeps popping up everytime im using my tablet. Second: is it only my tablet or is a more common problem the not sensitive touch screen? i have to touch and retouch so i can get a respond. Thank you all for helping.

  74. Looking to get for Dad while in Afghanistan, can you facetime?

  75. john cabon says:

    Hi Wendy,

    I was reading this forum and i got attracted by your review with this nextbook premium 7…now i decided to purchase one, i do hope to have the same experience you have had with yours.

    Thanks for sharing your review, i’ll update you when i get the one i purchased on line.



  76. i like you nextbook tablte

  77. What is the battery life time on the Nextbook like?

  78. Instead of using SlideMe Marketplace download 1mobile market they have more apps then Slide me
    You can download it as apk on

  79. Can i insert sim card to my nextbook premium 7……if yes how????

  80. Wendy,

    My kids got me a Nextbook7 last year…just opened it 6 mos ago. Had been using for church…Now it has died…tried charging no charge….what could possibly be wrong?

  81. Ok when i try an download some thing it says its done but when i got to open it i wont let me i dont get what im doing wrong. please help any one.

  82. When I got this I must admit I loved it. It was mind blowing but as time has moved on my mind has changed. First and foremost it stopped charging and IT is still under warranty but CUSTOMER SERVICE just ignores you. It is like they don’t care. I have called and emailed about the issues of not charging for months BUT they just refuse to do anything about it. NOW true I have to purchase a new one ASK if I would go NEAR any Nextbook Products. AND ask if this is my only negative review.

  83. unhappy nextbook says:

    I agree, I bought mine in january, opened it in April. The letters selected do not work and any random letter comes up. My days was up, I had a year warranty (December 2012 this month) is when it ends… probably yesterday who knows… anyway.. they responded once, but not to turn in the item, only to register on their website. I did, and then if you try support now… their email comes back undeliverable, they do not take numbers to return calls… I have sat on the phone 3 hours one time and 2 and a half hours the next only to be given a website after plugging in my cell phone for running out of batteries.. No help, no response and now no way to get ahold of them. I believe their motto is they have enough customers so one more doesnt matter… if we all saw it that way… maybe one would matter. I paid 271.00 for mine.. thougth it would be wonderful.. dont know.. just frustrated at the hours put into it and the monies taken and the non responsiveness of the company. I would not recommend it… DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT… if it breaks or is defective.. you are just out. It may work good if you get one that works but I would not be able to confirm how it operates.

  84. sandra sutton says:

    I have been very disappointed in the nextbook premium 7 I was expecting to have a clearer screen, all pictures are distorted, even the ones that came on this little nextbook as is my facebook . We have never owned a phone or ipod or table of any sort. So I was wondering if this was normal. When we looked at this in the store their demo was just like mine distorted and the salesman said that someone had dropped it and that a new one did not look that way. So we bought it. Now I don’t know what to do. Very disapointed

  85. terri oliver says:

    I have the nextbook 7 and i am not able to see a picture after i downloaded netflix

  86. I’ve been browsing online more than 2 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It is pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all site owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be a lot more useful than ever before.|
    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written!|
    I agree in part to this site, but maybe i need to think about it more

  87. how can I remove books from my nextbook tablet?

  88. Benjamin says:

    Heya just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why
    but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

  89. Bridget Huddleston says:

    Hello. Can you tell me how I can get a Nextbook in exchange for my opinion? I’ve been trying to be a product tester for a while now. And I can’t seem to find a legit site to sign up with. Thank you in advance for your advice.

  90. I was wondering if there is anyway to get rid of all the ads when playing games on facebook. Any response would be appreciated. Also as this is my first “touch” screen” experience where should I place my finger to scroll so pictures don’t open up? I know this sounds trivial but it becomes frustrating. thank you.

  91. I found Nextbook to be a great disappointment. It’s very slow. Usually it gets stuck. The camera is useless as it can only take pictures of oneself. The screen is hard to read. I think it’s because low resolution (I am not very computer savvy to know all the terminology). I do not use it very much now and prefer to get back into my old laptop or use my wife iPad. I really don’t like it at all and cannot recommend it and would not buy it.

  92. I am constantly being prompted to load netnanny on my nextbook. I don’t need it or want it. How can I avoid it.?

  93. hi
    i have tablet model m726
    i forgor the password and i cant tern him on
    there is no volume buton on it
    pleas can you help me to open my tablet
    and thanks

  94. Hello
    I would like to ask how can i make hard reset to my tablet model m726
    because I forgot my password

  95. cindy bird says:

    I am looking at one formy daughter. She likes to skype but I see it doesnt have a mic? Is that correct?

  96. Hi Wendy does the premium next7 have SIM card option

  97. just got a used p7 tried to goto email. able to do everything except i could not delete at all . can i do that on this nextbook? thank you

  98. ******** PLEASE HELP ! Just purchased the Nextbook 7″ Tablet as a Christmas gift for my daughter. I have searched and searched every store and website I possibly can think of . I am looking for a sturdy protective case . All I am finding is the leather portfolio type . I am looking for plastic,rubber,silicone anything sturdy to protect against drops. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! PLEASE HELP! Thanks so very much!

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