Pencils of Promise Artwork Helps to Build Schools

There are 75 million children in the world without access to education and Pencils of Promise is doing something about it. They are raising money to build schools around the world using nothing but pencils

Listen to what Lea Michele has to say about joining the Pencils of Promise program.

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You can help when you bid on an Auction Gallery item or buy a pencil from the Pencil Shop. Whatever you do you will be helping build schools around the world.

Follow Pencils of Promise on Twitter @pencilsofpromis and “like” Pencils of Promise on Facebook.

pencils of promise artwork

Take a look at some of the artwork  just using pencils that has been created by your favorite cultural icon like Shaq, Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Katie Couric, Lea Michele, Chelsea Clinton & many more join together this Holiday season to bring schools to thousands of children around the world.

pencils of promise artwork, joe fenton
Created by Joe Fenton

pencils of promise artwork, Shaquille O'Neal
Created by Shaquille O’Neal

Pencils of Promise partners with local communities to build schools and increase educational opportunities in the developing world. We focus on early education, high potential females and empowering a new generation of passionate young leaders to create profound good.

Visit the Auction Gallery or the Pencil Shop to see how you can get involved and help shape a child’s future.

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