Review of ProPlants (With 6 Month Update)

Recently I was given the chance to make and review a purchase from I picked a potted plant because, while I love flowers, they don’t last very long, and a plant is something I could keep around for awhile and maybe even plant outside for long-term use.

Six Months Pro Plant Gardenia Update:

I wanted to give you an update to let you know how my Gardenia was coming along after I had it for six months. I did have to repot it within a week because it was root-bound but this is usually the case with any plant you buy whether it be through a service like Pro Flowers (Pro Plants) or at your local nursery or garden center.

One thing I did wrong was I sprayed the leaves. Come to find out you aren’t supposed to spray the leaves of a Gardenia. I couldn’t figure out why since they would normally be planted in the ground outside but I guess Gardenias are more for Southern states and the dew and rain would dry up quickly. Well, because I sprayed the leaves they started to die. I was determined to keep my Gardenia growing so I pulled off the dying and dead leaves and it came back.

gardenia from proflowers pro plants six months update

We live in Connecticut and a Gardenia is not a plant for our area. I want to keep this beautiful plant growing for a long time in case we move back down south so I re-potted it into a bigger pot. We kept it outside all Summer long. Now it is healthy and beautiful. We didn’t fertilize it or do anything special, just re-potted it using standard potting soil. It now has more buds on it and has bloomed. It would have bloomed sooner if I hadn’t sprayed the leaves – my mistake.

gardenia from proflowers pro plants six months update

You can still see some of the leaves I sprayed with water at the bottom middle of the picture. Amazing how a little spray of water can make a leaf basically die like that.

gardenia from proflowers pro plants six months update

I wanted you to know that your plant purchase from Pro Plants is a good choice, that is if you take care of the plant. You definitely will need to repot it soon after you get it if you want it to continue to live and thrive.

We will be bringing out Gardenia in the house for the Fall and Winter and putting it under grow lights. I am so glad I got this plant because it makes me feel like I am back living in Virginia, the state I grew up in.

Original Pro Plants Review:

proflowers-proplants-gardenia-reviewI chose the Fragrant Gardenia. As it read on the site, it came in bud form. You have to make sure you read the description of the item you are purchasing carefully. If you want to send or receive a plant or flowers that are already in bloom then make sure it says so. I knew this plant would arrive in bud form. For me, that was better because that means I could watch the flowers begin to bloom. If the gardenia had come already in bloom they wouldn’t have lasted that long.

I think ProFlowers does a great job explaining exactly what you are going to get but you had to make sure to read the description thoroughly. They also have a great selection to choose from and brilliant color photos on their website to make choosing easy.

The Gardenia plant arrived within two days of my order and it arrived in perfect condition. The plant was healthy and leaves shiny and bright green. One bud was open and the other 9 were still closed. As you can see from my video, ProFlowers has created a custom-designed enclosure that secured the plant while it was in transit. I have ordered other plants and flowers from ProFlowers and found that this was the case each time.

This particular plant came with instructions to remove the moss. The basket looks exactly as picture and it came with the box on a floral stick (not attached).

When you open the box from ProFlowers you will get a note telling you exactly what to do and a separate card is also included to give you instructions for the care of the flowers or plant. On the outside of the box a plastic envelope is attached that will include any gift card.

ProFlowers often has specials and free shipping offers, especially close to a major holiday. I have always been happy with my ProFlowers purchases and have no complaints so far.

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  • plants and flowers arrive fresh and as described
  • order arrives quickly and you can schedule when you want it to arrive
  • prices are reasonable
  • ProFlowers often has sales and free shipping
  • good selection
  • if your plant or flowers come damaged or die, Proflowers will replace them or refund your money, no questions asked


  • bow should have been attached and was loose

Disclaimer: We received this Gardenia plant from ProFlowers for review but we were not compensated and were not influenced by ProFlowers to write this review. All opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. I received a phalanopsis for my birthday December 5th. The plant was beautiful and within a few days it bloomed. I have other orchids in my home and at this time my mother who I would consider an expert at caring for orchids was visiting. It was watered twice over the next 2 weeks placed on a rock bed to insure complete drainage. We noticed a leaf drop off and discovered it was saturated …. We removed the top layer of moss and discovered the base of all the leaves and the roots rotting from the moisture. The entire root system was packed with sphagnum moss holding the moisture and preventing the root system to dry out…photos attached.
    I have never received an orchid, ready to bloom that would require repotting immediately. There is no way that this plant could have survived. We had to pick all the moss from the roots and many of them were so badly damaged they fell off. Photos attached
    This was a tremendous disappointment as the orchid was beautiful.

    *****this is the email sent to ProPlants….several weeks have passed with no response and the plant was dead within a month of delivery

    Photos would not attach

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