Purse N Boots: The Purse For Your Feet

Every gal needs a pair of boots, preferably more than just one pair too. I have several pairs. There are the black riding-style leather just-below-the-knee boots I wear with skirts. Then there are the brown boots that are very similar that I wear with straight jeans sometimes. I have a pair of cowboys boots I bought off of eBay. I wore them to the bull riding event and I fit right in. And in the winter I have snow boots. Now, I want to introduce you to something new. These boots are called Purse ‘N Boots and they have something special hidden inside – secret pockets for your cell phone or wallet and slots for credits, licenses, or cash.

When I saw these online I thought, what a neat idea. How many times have you wanted to go out and not have to deal with a purse? I use my Coach wristlet purses a lot because I don’t like carrying a large purse if I know all I will need is my cell phone and wallet. Sometimes you want a purse so you can carry extra things like a camera, lipstick, or makeup but other times you just need your cell phone, debit card, and driver’s license.

Designer Elizabeth Anne created the Purse ‘N Boots because she had one too many experiences of leaving her cell phone in a bar or her purse on the back seat of a cab.

Purse N Boots review

Designer Elizabeth Anne came up with a way to conceal these pockets inside of the boots and you wouldn’t even know they are there. Because the top of the boot is wider it creates room inside to house the phone easily and there is no notice of the pocket from the outside.

Purse N Boots review Purse N Boots review

The pockets are placed near the top to make it easy to grab what you need. The cell phone pocket is designed for a phone about the size of a Blackberry or an iPhone. That pocket is in one boot and the other pockets for IDs and cash or business cards is in the other boot.

Purse N Boots review

They have that rich aroma that only comes from real leather. These boots are also well-made and have a double sewn edging on top, and heavy-duty zipper.

Purse N Boots review

On the back they have an elastic section to allow them to expand in case you have a wider calf. They do have a 3″ heel so they stand up high. The designer’s name is stamped on the bottom. They are quite long. I have a long leg (34″ inseam) and they fit right up under my knee. If you are shorter they will most likely go higher up your leg and possibly up to your knee but they are designed as knee-high boots.

Purse N Boots review

They also have a cute metal silver-tone butterfly on the outer sides for just a touch of personality. They also come with an extra set of replacement rubber heel protectors for the bottom of the heels.

I think the concept of putting secret pockets inside of boots is an awesome idea. A lot of women probably already use their boots to put things in so why not have a convenient pocket built-in already. Without the pockets whatever you put in your boot will eventually slip down and you could end up walking on your driver’s license. That would be interesting if you were at a bar and had to take it out. You’d have to remove your whole boot. These pockets don’t make the boots cost anymore and you would never know they were there. The quality of these boots is comparable to other boots I have seen with heels.

Purse N Boots may be purchased online at elizabethanneshoes.com. The cost is $249.99. When you purchase these boots online, shipping is Free and so are returns and exchanges. They ship out of Canada so you should allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Click FAQ on the left to find out where they are being sold locally in your area.

Update: After wearing the boots for a day I found that the inside gets very hot and it actually made my legs sweat. I believe it is because they use a synthetic “pleather” type fabric and not leather or a fabric.

Disclosure: I received a pair of Purse N Boots to review. I was not compensated.

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  1. From what I read the boots are leather. In your update you say You believe they are pleather…. Are you referring to a lining or the outer material of the boot?

  2. You should really do an internet search and read the reviews from thousands of people that they have scammed, including myself. This company doesn’t deliver their product then refuses to give refunds. They have had my money for 10 months. It doesn’t do you any good to recommend such a dishonorable company.

  3. Please note that this company is a scam, I’m glad to hear you actually received a pair of boots, one of the few who has. Most people are waiting for boots or refunds and have been for many months, myself for over a year, don’t order these boots, you will not receive them – check the BBB and other sites such as Disgruntled Facebook site for Elizabeth Anne Shoes

  4. Please amend your review to include that this company has and F rating with BBB, and have charged people for the boots, which were never received by HUNDREDS of “customers”.

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