Remington Cordless Shortcut Clipper Review

The Remington company sent us the Shortcut Clippers to test out and review. This is what we thought of them. First, let’s examine what you get in the box.

You get the Remington shortcut clipper unit, two combs – one for bald haircuts and one for regular haircuts for longer hair (up 1/2″) – the AC adapter, small brush and small bottle of blade oil, and instruction booklet.

Special features of the Remington Cordless Shortcut Clipper:

  • Bi-directional blades cut back and forth and in half the time of ordinary clippers
  • Wide curved blade for more event cuts
  • Curved Blade Technology cuts to the shape of the scalp
  • Adjustable guide comb with 5 length settings cuts 1/8″ to 1/2″
  • Self sharpening blades
  • 2-year warranty
  • Rinse with water to clean
  • 40-minute run time on a single charge

remington shortcut clipper review

What we thought of the Remington Cordless Shortcut Clipper

First, one thing you want to make sure to do is charge it fully. It does have a power indicator on the side so you will know when it is getting low and you can definitely hear it too. Plug it in when you get it and it will definitely be ready the next day. A full charge takes from 14 to 16 hours.

This is a solid unit made out of heavy-duty plastic. The buttons are rubberized so they won’t break off. I thought it was a quality piece as soon as I took it out of the box.

Remington Shortcut Clipper Review

When you turn it on it is quite loud but Greg has another electric clipper and I didn’t find it to be any louder than that one he has already.

Decide what length you want your hair to be and attach the proper comb to the unit. Then use the wheel to dial the length you want it to be. Press the on/off button and it’s ready to use. I used it on Greg’s hair, which is a normal length – about 1/2″ long – and I used the straight (they call it the adjustable guide comb) comb. It took me a minute to adjust the length until I found the right now. I just moved it over his head from top to bottom, facing down and also side to side, just like using a brush. It kept his hair at an even length. He could even use it by himself because of the unique shape.

Then, we tested out the edge trimmer. To use the edge trimmer on the Remington Shortcut Clipper you need to push the grey button in and then slide it up until it clicks. Make sure it clicks or it will slide down then you are using it. Once again, we had no trouble and it worked perfectly.

We did not test out the bald haircut comb because we didn’t have anyone to test it on.

In conclusion, we found that the Remington Shortcut Clipper worked great and after looking at the price we found it affordable too at $34.99. Since this unit is cordless it makes it convenient to use and not have cords pulling at you. And, it is rechargeable and comes with the adapter so you can keep it charged up if you like. It does not come with a charger on a stand, just the AC adapter.

Some of the reviews I have read said the battery life is bad on the Shortcut Clipper. This unit does come with a 2-year warranty so if you ever have a problem just email Remington at

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Disclosure: Remington sent us this unit to test out but our opinions are strictly our own. If it didn’t work we would have told you so.

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