Review of Spongelle Body Wash Infused Sponges

This is a review of the Spongelle body wash infused sponges. I was sent two Spongelle sponges and two cases to review. The flower-shaped sponge had a nice fragrance. I received the Lily of the Valley-Green Tea Infusion with Bergamot, Lemongrass, and Sea Kelp.

These sponges are infused with fragrances and body wash that has body butter in it. The sponge comes sealed in plastic and you can buy an optional storage case. You can smell the scent through the packaging and it is very pleasing. The case is made of some type of foam and does a fine job of holding the sponge for storage in my shower. The square container has a rope tied inside that you can pull out and use as a handle.


As I used the sponge it the aroma of all of the fragrances filled the bathroom and made for an enjoyable atmosphere. The body wash lathers very well and you can definitely feel the body butter. I did find the sponge to be a bit rough but I believe they make it that way to exfoliate your skin and slough off dead skin cells. I usually use a mesh puff to wash with so that is why I noticed the roughness. If you use an exfoliating sponge you will not notice anymore roughness than that.

As far as how long the body wash lasts, the packaging for the round flower-shaped sponge says 10 washes and the larger package says 30 washes, probably 15 washes for each round sponge. I have not tried mine long enough to know for sure but that sounds about right based on how much body wash was coming out of the sponge as I used it.

I would think this would make a nice gift for a new mom or for someone who likes to relax in the bathtub or go to the spa. They would be considered more of a luxury or gift item and the packaging makes them look high end and expensive. The larger containers with 2 sponges would be a nice treat to keep by the tub or whirlpool to use in a relaxing bath.


Spongelle is available for purchase at The single flower-shaped sponge is available for $11.00 and the set of two round sponges, or duet, are available for $22.00. They are also available in certain stores (see their store locator) and at

Spongelle sponge fragrance available: Lily of the Valley, Grapefruit-Amber, Sweet Pea-Vanilla, French Lavender, Green Apple-Lilac, Red Current-Ginger, Peony-cassis,and Papaya-Sandalwood

Correction: In my video I said that the sponge inside of the larger storage container was one large sponge but I was wrong. I didn’t actually take it out since I really just needed to test one sponge. After looking on the Spongelle website I found that you actually get 2 round sponges in a set. Of course, the storage piece is a separate purchase.

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  • fragrance are great
  • good size to hold in your hand
  • good lather
  • body butter is noticeable
  • Made in the USA


  • pricey
  • sponge is slightly rough

This post was written for Spongelle who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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