Review of Valio Real Goodness 100% Lactose Free Milk

Valio sent us free coupons to try out the Real Goodness 100% Lactose Free milk. We were not compensated in any way and our opinions are 100% our own.

I was a little leary about trying milk that wasn’t actually milk. While I have some problems digesting real milk I just basically stayed away from it for the most part and take calcium as a supplement. I guess they call that lactose intolerance. For some people it is just a mild “blah” feeling after they drink milk or eat ice cream. But for others it can be a real problem causing all kinds of side effects or allergic reactions.

Valio Real Goodness Milk Review

I just have a mild case so I guess I’m lucky but at times it is an inconvenience because I shy away from food products that I “have to pay for later” after I have eaten them. You know, it’s kind of the feeling you get after you eat Chinese food or McDonald’s french fries. You love it while you’re eating it but you have to eat it later in another form 🙂

But, how could a milk substitute even taste like milk? Wouldn’t it taste like a milky paste or maybe something equally as bland as soy milk.

What I learned is that Real Goodness from Valio is a new lactose free milk that tastes rich and creamy like milk and does not have a watered down taste. After my husband and I tried it we were convinced that it was a good substitute for milk. It is great on cereal and for making chocolate milk. We haven’t tested it in recipes yet but that is the next step. We found that it has a slightly sweeter taste than milk. I’m all for things that are sweeter.

In the store it is easy to spot because of the bold blue carton that stands out from many of the other milk products on the shelves. We didn’t find it in all stores in our area yet but we were able to pick it up at BigY.

To find a store in your area use the Real Goodness product locator.

Real Goodness wants to invite you to join them on Facebook and Twitter try it for yourself. When you try it you will find that you will be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. Brenda Astbury says:

    Please bring back VALIO REAL GOODNESS Milk !!!!!!! It actually DOES work, and it does taste very good.. (just like MILK) It is milk !!!!!! Everyone I know who is gets sick when they try to digest lactose does not get sick with Valio Milk. ALL of the other milk companys who make claims that their milk is lactose free still do not work. Everyone still gets sick from them. I really think people don’t believe any company anymore. That is because they have not tried “Valio Real Goodness Milk” Milk is a staple in the kitchen. Many people who cannot tolerate dairy need Valio.

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