SensoGlove Golf Glove Review

How many times as a golfer have you heard or read that you want “Light grip pressure” when gripping the club?  I know, for me, proper grip has been emphasized in every lesson that I have had.  While I know it is one of the most important things in my golf swing, I still have trouble quantifying what “light” grip pressure is.  To me, every time that I grip the club my grip pressure is 4 out of 10.

So how can I know if I am doing it right?

Well, SensoGlove has developed something perfect for measuring your actual grip pressure so you can make sure you are using that light pressure throughout your whole swing.  I recently had the chance to test out the SensoGlove and see if it would be that tool to help sharpen my idea of what correct grip pressure really is.

SensoGlove golf glove Review

The SensoGlove is basically just a Cabretta leather golf glove with some sensors in the fingers and a small built-in computer on the back of the wrist.  Visually, other than the small computer it looks no different than your everyday, high-quality golf glove.  The computer is a small device, approximately 1-in X 1-in and about 1/4-in thick. At first glance it seems a little bulky, but it is barely noticeable when wearing the glove and swinging the club.

Normally I wear either a Medium or Medium Large in other name brand golf gloves so I ordered a Medium/Large SensoGlove.  When wearing this glove I noticed it was a little larger than the gloves that I am used to.  The fingers were too long for me which caused the sensors to move around a little on my fingers.  Also the palm of the glove was significantly larger than I would wear which caused the strap to extend over the Velcro about halfway.  I think that a size guide would be helpful to figure out the perfect fit for your hand.  A tight fit is important so the sensors do not slide around between your fingers and the club.  The great thing is that they sell replacement gloves for a fraction of the price of the full SensoGlove and the computer can be transferred right into the new glove.  So whether you need a new size or you have just worn through your current glove, you can purchase a replacement glove and just install the computer in it.

So now it is time to hear how this glove performed:

Using the device is really simple and it took no time at all for me to figure it out.  There are three buttons and a small screen and that is it.  Once the device it turned on it will display a small outline of a glove, the number the device is set to, and a small scale that shows the current grip pressure.

SensoGlove golf glove Review

Along with the visual display you will also hear audio tones warning you when you are using too much grip pressure.  I started off by taking some practice swings with the glove set halfway on the pressure setting and quickly was alerted that my grip pressure was way too strong.  In fact, my pressure was too strong when I was just holding the club at address.  Using the audio tones helped me to adjust my grip pressure without looking at the device and quickly I was able to teach myself how to hold the club lighter.  After taking a swing I could look down at the display and it would show me the peak grip pressure and which specific fingers had too much pressure during my swing.  This information was great because it allowed me to see whether I was using the proper fingers and also which part of my grip I needed to work on.  Once on the range it took a little more time to train myself to actual hit a golf ball with less grip pressure but after one practice session I had already reduced my grip pressure significantly.

This glove allows you to get real-time audio feedback of you pressure and also review the pressure of your grip during you swing.  While ever persons specific grip pressure is slightly different, I think that the majority of us would benefit from a lighter grip.  This glove is a great tool for someone who wants to improve their golf game by working on their grip and determining what their proper grip pressure is.

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Disclaimer: I received the SensoGlove to test and review. I have given my honest opinion.

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