Sony Tablet: The Tablet that is Also a TV Remote

When you turn on your Sony tablet you can’t help but show it off. With the unique wedge shape, the ultra clear screen, the blinking green light that let’s you know when you have a new message, or how lightweight it is, there is something everyone will find to love. I am by no means a tablet expert and only tried out some of the features I like. As with any tablet or electronic device, we all use them in varies ways. So, that means I didn’t cover downloading music or using the Sony library or what your kids would really like to use this tablet for. Instead, I am going to talk about what I like and didn’t like on first impressions, along with a couple of cool features I thought stood out for me.

sony tablet review

Sony Tablet Features:

  • Android Honeycomb Operating System
  • NVIDIA Tegra2 Processor
  • Front and Rear Camera. Front 0.3 Megapixel. Rear 5.0 Megapixel
  • Bluetooth Integrated Stereo
  • Media Remote and IR Remote
  • Full-size SD Card slot (for media exchange only)
  • Access to the Sony Network and play Playstation
  • Preloaded with Crackle, a free movie and TV show streaming service
  • 9.5 inches, 6.8 inches, 0.3 inches
  • stereo quality speakers

What I Like About the Sony Tablet:

I really liked how lightweight the Sony Tablet is, weighing only one pound. Because it is light as a feather you can hold it in one hand. It is slightly smaller than say the iPad so it fit much better in our computer bag when we were traveling recently.

Because the Sony runs on the Android operating system there are thousands of apps to choose from in the Android Marketplace and if you are an Android fan you will be right at home with the operating system. You can have every kind of eReader app you want on it from Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader, and even the Amazon app.

The screen clarity is amazing as you see from the Crash Bandicott game (which comes pre-installed by the way) I have going on the Sony Tablet.

Sony tablet games

And, taking photos and videos is easy because it has the dual cameras. You can also change the resolution settings for the photos and rotate and crop the photo as well as setup a photo show. Hook the tablet up to your TV and you can play the photo show for your friends.

sony tablet photo resolution

Here is a photo I took of a silk flower I had. It is so clear and crisp.

Sony tablet cameras

Speaking of setting it up to work with a TV, did you know you can also hook the Sony tablet up to your TV and transmit photos, and videos? The Sony tablet has something called the Media Remote. Once you setup the Media Remote app (you might have to download it first from the Marketplace but it’s free), you can send pictures and videos to watch on your TV. Your TV doesn’t need to be the latest and greatest TV either – as long as your TV is DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) ready it will work with the Sony Tablet. The DLNA feature is exclusive to the Sony tablet.

Sony tablet IR Remote

I also used something called the IR (Infrared) Remote which makes the Sony tablet act like a universal remote. Activate the IR Remote and register the TV to the tablet using the simple steps. Then point the tablet at your TV and you can turn it on and off, switch channels, and change the volume. The IR Remote is exclusive to the Sony tablet.

Sony table IR remote

Here you can see that we swiped the photo I took of the silk flowers onto the TV. I would call this an “uber cool” feature and one worth the pricetag alone.

Once you have connected your TV to the Sony tablet, just press on a photo or even movie and swipe it up onto the device image and within a few seconds you will see it appear on your TV.

Sony tablet Ifrared Remote

Sony tablet DLNA function

I also like the ergonomic wedge shape. This allows you to put the tablet on a table and because it is tilted down slightly the screen isn’t flat. I don’t like staring at myself in a screen and since most tablet screens are shiny that is exactly what I end up doing but with the Sony that doesn’t happen because of that angle. It makes it easier to type on as well.

sony tablet glowing light

I really like the green blinking light on the side. This light indicates that you have a new message. This is unique to the Sony tablet. If you get up in the middle of the night and come out to get water you will inevitably find yourself using your tablet to see who left you a message or email.

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What I Didn’t Like About the Sony Tablet:

I found that the little door cover that protects the SD card slot and cable connection was super flimsy. I showed it to multiple people and they all agreed. I had an issue with the browser crashing on me multiple times within a one-hour period and each time it crashed it would lose all of the pages I was working on so I would have to start over. I don’t know if this was the tablet or the Android operating system. I also kept losing the Internet in a meeting that had a hotspot setup for us and no one else had that problem.

Sony tablet power connector

The power connector wasn’t secure and didn’t actually lock in place. You could actually wiggle it so I think they could have designed that a little better.

Because the Sony is basically on all of the time, even in sleep mode – it has to be to check email – it can run the battery down pretty fast.


But, even with those things in mind, this is a great, full-featured tablet that is worth a look at if you don’t already have a tablet in mind. The IR Remote and DLNA functionality alone are super useful features you will use over and over and you will also appreciate how lightweight this tablet is compared to other brands.

Disclosure: We received this Sony tablet to test out and review by the Sony company. Our review is purely our own opinion and experience. Your experience may vary depending upon your usage.

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