The Ford F150 Ecoboost is Mike Rowe Approved!

Check out this sweet Ford F150 @Ford_Northeast just dropped off in our driveway. The sparkling blue color caught my eye immediately. Greg and I got in it and drove into town. The ride is super smooth and this baby has some awesome power behind it. You don’t feel like you are riding in a big truck because of how smooth the ride is. We have had plenty of trucks over the years so I know how a truck should ride. But, the guys will still love that it is all solid truck and made by Ford.

I think Mike Rowe would definitely approve of the Ford F150 with Ecoboost. I just wanted to thank Ford for giving us the opportunity to test it out and show our party guests what a Ford truck is all about.

Mike Rowe Ford

Stay tuned for Greg’s full review later in December. For now, take a gander at this great Ford truck.

Ford F150 Ecoboost, Mike Rowe

Ford F150 Ecoboost, Mike Rowe

Ford F150 Ecoboost, Mike Rowe approved

Ford F150 Ecoboost, Mike Rowe Approved

Ford F150 Ecoboost, Mike Rowe Approved

Disclosure: Ford gave us the F150 to review for a week. We were not compensated and all opinions we write are our own.

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