The IKEA Norden Table Organizer Is Versatile For Many Uses

We took a trip to IKEA in New Haven, Connecticut yesterday to check out everything that is new and to look for something we could put against one of our kitchen walls to help organize things better. We looked at what they had to offer ahead of time at but sometimes you just have to go there to see it in person.

We had originally thought we would buy one of their stand alone kitchen units that had drawers and a bottom cabinet but once we got to the store we realized it was too large. Good thing we decided to go there and not just order it online. Of course, we could have looked at the dimensions better since they include those on the website. We probably would have verified those if we ordered it anyway so no lose and it is always a good day when you go to IKEA.

We found this unit and it fit perfectly against our wall. We are planning on selling our house and the left side of our kitchen doesn’t have cabinets so we bought this in hopes that the people coming through to look at our house would see the potential in the kitchen. We are planning on leaving it with the house if the buyers want it and since it cost $200 it isn’t that much of an expense. We priced out the cost of cutting down that wall to put in kitchen cabinets and a counter and it was about $2,500 so this was a much cheaper option. We we decide to stay in the house or it doesn’t sell we will most likely go the more expensive route.

After putting this Norden organizer together I think it would be great to put just about anywhere. It can be used in the kitchen, as a workbench in the garage, or as a potters garden table. It could also be used in a Craft room. So versatile.

This IKEA Norden table organizer costs $199. It is made out of solid Birch wood. The only pressed board is the bottoms of the 3 drawers. It looks small in the picture but it is actually about 78″ wide.

IKEA Norden Ocassional Table Organizer

The instructions are easy to follow and it took me just about an hour to put it all together.

IKEA Norden Occasional Table Birchwood construction

If you don’t have a lot of things you need to store you can also put wine bottles on the shelves. The middle shelf is adjustable so it can go up about one more inch or down about 4 inches.

IKEA Norden Occasional Table Review

ikea norden table organizer review

This piece is called the NORDEN Occasional Table and can be found under the Dining | Storage section on their website.


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  1. Jen in MA says:

    Hi Greg! I was checking out your review of this table, as we have a galley-style kitchen connecting the back door of our 1880 home to the remainder of the house (a great deal of traffic through the kitchen!) and no usable drawers in the kitchen itself. I am trying to carve out more storage space, especially for our silverware, by making a smart purchase. Currently, our silverware resides on the bottom shelf in one of our few precious cabinets, so that needs to change! I have looked everywhere online, and cannot find the interior dimensions of the drawers on this table. I just hope they will fit our silverware! Could you supply the interior dimensions for me? Additionally, could you give me your honest opinion on the stability of this table: will it withstand the climbing ambitions of a busy 17-month old? I imagine he will want to climb into the lower shelves of the table to play! Thanks so much!

  2. What size baskets (height) could I put on the shelves? What is the distance from the bottom of the drawers down to the lowest shelf?

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