The Kingston urDrive Flash Drive Review

What is different about the Kingston urDrive Flash Drive that would make me want to write about it? Aren’t all flash drives created equal. Well most of the time I would say yes. But, when I received information about the urDrive I was intriqued to find out just what was so different about it and now I know. So let me tell you what I found out.

Another thing that is great about this drive is the price. An 8GB retails for $9.95 and a 16 GB retails for around $19.95.

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Kingston urDrive

First, when you see the Kingston urDrive you know it is different because it is super tiny. You could add this flash drive to your keyring and hardly even know it was there. Take a look at my pictures. The larger drive is your standard flash drive. Once it is open you see how much bigger it is than the urDrive. The Kingston flash drive doesn’t even need to be opened. The end is protected enough so it doesn’t need a cover, mainly because the USB connection is inside and not protruding.

kingston urdrive flash drive

kingston urdrive flash drive review

kingston urdrive flash drive review

Okay, so it that it? It’s just tiny and can fit on my keyring? Actually, no. This is just the beginning of what makes the Kingston urDrive flash drive so different from other flash drive.

Pop the urDrive in a USB port and when the window comes up click to open it. You will see three files. Double-click on urDrive.exe to bring up the main screen.

kingston urdrive installation

You will see this screen:

Click on each of the icons at the bottom to see what they have to offer.

The Kington urDrive includes:

  • 8 GB of storage on the drive itself
  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • Norton PC Checkup
  • Built-in Browser
  • 6 GB of online storage with VDrive
  • Fooz Kids
  • Social and Multiplayer games
  • the uDrive Store for lots of extra apps

After you click on each to see what you are getting click the large green, Get Started button.

kingston urdrive installation

Just follow the prompts. It only takes about 1 minute. Then you are presented with the home screen.

This is the screen you will see from now on. Look around and see what is available. At the bottom you will see the Home button. Use that to come back to this screen each time. At the far bottom right you will see the Settings and Help. Settings will give you options to change the background image and also uninstall the software if you don’t want it any longer.

Look at my screen below and located the blue arrow next to the STORE icon. By clicking that arrow you will be presented with more icons for apps you have installed.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are already programmed in the Maxthon browser and they give you an icon to make it easy to go to each one. You will find those if you click the arrow.

kingston urdrive home screen

Once you figure out what you can to use on the urDrive CLICK on the icon. If you find that whatever you clicked on does not load press it a little harder until you see it turn gray.

Some things will require installation and others, like the browser will just pop up and are ready to use.

Maxthon Browser

The Maxthon browser that is included is full features and has tabbed windows just like Firefox and other popular browsers. It can view Flash and has a favorites list. You can also import your favorites into it from your Internet Explorer browser at home or any HTML favorite files.

maxthon browser

VDrive Cloud Storage

A V-drive account gives you the instant alility to back-up and sync up to 6GB of your personal files and folders to a secure account in the cloud that is also synced to your favorite internet-enabled devices. From that point on, V-drive automatically backs-up and syncs your files to your Kingston urDrive device. Think of V-drive as your own secure, filing cabinet in the sky. Think of every device you use that connects to the internet. Imagine all of them — USB drive, laptop, work PC, mobile phone and that cool new tablet computer — communicating with each other to ensure *each* device always has the most current copy of all of your files.

To use the VDrive online “cloud” backup feature you need to create an account. A VDrive account is free.

Fooz Kids Platform

One of the coolest things, especially if you are a parent or guardian with kids, is Fooz Kids.

Fooz Kids is an application that provides kids with a secure and entertaining Internet environment – controlled by YOU, the mom or dad! Click on the Fooz Kids icon and begin the installation process.

Note: You will need to make sure you are connected to the Internet when you first install the Fooz application as it has to download the installation software.

You have to create an account for the child. Once they log in or you log in for them, you are presented with this home screen. Fooz Kids is so much more than games. They can send messages to other Fooz Kids members, do crafts, watch full movies, play games of course, and browse the web with kid-only sites that are already programmed into it.

This is what the Fooz Kids Home Screen looks like. You can see all of the options there are for doing fun stuff.

fooz kids home screen

Fooz Kids Flix

This is what the movie screen (FLIX) looks like. Pick a category and all of the individual movies appear under that category. Click on a movie and it shows in a theater-like setting.

fooz kids movies

fooz kids movie flix

Fooz Kid Web:

When your kids pick the Internet option they are presented with pre-included Kid Friendly sites. All they have to do is click on of the icons and it opens the browser and takes them there.

fooz kids internet

You don’t worry that your kids will go off to other sites you don’t want them to visit. They can only stay on those sites once they visit. If they click on something that isn’t approved they get this screen.

fooz kids blocked pages

Fooz Kid Creator

With the Fooz Kid Creator your kids can design who they want to be on Fooz Kids. They can pick the hair, skin, eye, eyebrows, shoes, clothing and accessories. In the Mall they can “buy” extra clothes and accessories (it’s free).

fooz kids creator

There is SO much stuff for kids to do. They are going to love Fooz Kids and since it is all on your Kingston urDrive you take it wherever you go.

Import Files, Photos, Music, Videos and Apps

At the bottom of the home screen you will see the icons for files, photos, music and videos. Click on each one and look for the Import button at the top right to add all of your photos, music, videos, and even apps to your Kingston urDrive.

kingston urdrive import

kingston urdrive import music photo videos

In conclusion, I think the Kingston urDrive is one awesome Flash Drive. I could go on and on because there are so many features within each feature you get. You can take all of your and important data with you and sync it to your “cloud in the sky” so you make sure you always have the latest copy. Your kids will have lots to do to keep them busy if you are on vacation. Whether you bring your laptop with you or use the hotel’s computers everything will be there waiting for you on the Kingston urDrive.

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  1. …and like any sane person the first thing you do with a new stick is format it.

    Well done Kingston.

  2. Lady, I would just install the portableapps platform and launcher and build my own suite of apps after I format the stick. The apps aren’t truly portable and will leave traces behind on the host machine. Portable apps should be truly portable.

  3. Hello everyone!
    I just got a Kingston 16GB G3 DataTraveller on sale again at Future Shop. I guess the USB2 drives are becoming toast because unlike previous occasions, there was plenty of stock left.
    The reason I’m here is because I found this urDrive.exe program which I thought might have been an encryption software of some sort like they used to include waaay back when a 128MB set me back $49.95
    However, from what I understand in Wendy’s description, the software included is no more than a thinly disguised “adware” targeted at children, and the Maxthon Browser is nothing but a “toolbar” such as one gets in some free applications.
    Furthermore, I think children should spend healthy activity time with real friends rather than being lured to search for and invite virtual “friends” and dressing virtual dolls on computers.

    First of all, I agree with xuri and the first thing I will do is format the drive, and use it as it is intended to be used: for storage and backups.

  4. Why does the flash drive have to come with this crap? I never asked for this and don’t want it. I will avoid Kingston next time.

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