The Lost Mitten Club from Lands End

I just learned about the Lost Mitten Club from #LandsEnd. How did I not know about this before?┬áIf you’re missing a mitten or glove from a style LandsEnd carries (kids or adults), let them know and they will replace it for half price.

lost mitten club lands end

First, find the style number and color of the mitten or glove at, through the current Lands End catalog, or eCatalog. (don’t have a catalog? request one here)

Call LandsEnd at 1-800-800-5800

Use Live Online Chat (they now have video chat too, how cool is that)

Then tell their customer care specialist that you would like a replacement mitten or glove for the piece that you are missing. Make sure to specify whether it is right or left hand.

You will pay 50% of the regular pair price to help you reunite your lonely glove or mitten with it’s long-lost brother or sister.

Source: LandsEndPR

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