Vanessa Hudgen’s Breezy Fashion Sense

Young starlets are fun to watch these days because they often have good fashion sense. Take Vanessa Hudgen’s who has what I call a “breezy” fashion sense. She wears a lot of flowing dresses and always looks effortless when she walks down the street.

Vanessa Hudgens fashion

In this picture Vanessa is wearing a lace camisole and Natalie B Tibet Turquoise Coral Inlaid Pendant Necklace
Vanessa Hudgens Goddess dress

We just love this natural Jen’s Pirate Booty Goddess Long Dress in a gauze fabric. So breezy and carefree.

Vanessa Hudgens fashion sense

With her hair pulled back and flowing mossy green top, Vanessa adds a touch of nature with the Love Heals Mountain Necklace

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