Vibram FiveFingers Review

Let me start off by saying, the human foot is an incredible design of efficiency, balance, strength, and agility that has sadly been overlooked in the quest for product placement. (You ever notice how the human hand and human foot have an eerily similar bone structure?) Modern shoes remind me of those winter gloves that you see in the movie “A Christmas Story.” You know, those ones that force your entire hand into one round pocket, making it nearly impossible to use your fingers to do anything other than freeze. Imagine if you wore those gloves for your entire life, how nimble do you think your hands would be? Well, that’s what modern day shoes are doing to the human foot! Round, rubber pockets that allow our feet to do nothing resembling their original purpose.

a christmas story fingerless gloves

When I bought my first pair of Vibram FiveFingers (kind of sounds like the way my dad starts most of his stories) there were only a handful of “designs” and a handful of color options. There was some variety but for the most part all the shoes were the same. Without a whole lot of customer reviews to go on, I figured out the uncommon sizing’s and went ahead and picked up the KSO’s, also knows as “Keep Stuff Out,” as these were the ones recommended by Vibram for the type of activities I do. But now Vibram has a plethora of design options to choose from and more color variations than you could even imagine. Even better.

Vibram FiveFingers review vs merrells

Photos of my Vibrams after 2 years of use. They aren’t dark black anymore, more like purple but they are in great shape

Vibram FiveFingers after 2 years of use

The shoe’s design is simple: a protective rubber under coating blended with mesh materials to provide a flexible, protective, glove-like fit; this allows the foot to work in its natural design without subjecting it to modern terrain elements like pieces of glass, gravel, and cigarette butts. And since I’m on the topic, how is it that no matter where I go I manage to find little pieces of glass littered about, waiting to be stepped on? Anyway, moving on.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose performance shoe, there is non better than the Vibram FiveFingers. Who would’ve thought that one of the most innovative shoes ever created would simply be a protective covering that allows our feet to perform in the manner that they were created? Vibram definitely hit the nail on the head when they created the FiveFinger. (Without going into too much detail, the barefoot training ideology behind the creation of these shoes has proven to be a very effective and popular method to re-introducing the human body to it’s natural state of function. I recommend checking out some barefoot training.)

Vibram FiveFingers review

Now, I can hear the suspicion already, “if they’re just simple mesh and rubber then they can’t be very durable.” Well, I thought the same thing until two years later and, although they’re a little faded and rough looking, my Vibram’s have held up under the most brutal conditions. They have spent plenty of time in the rough waters of Maine; in the mountains and deserts of California; on the rough mats of many different training facilities; on the rocks in quite a few different states; and even on the rough proving grounds of the Middle East; these shoes will not quit on you.

As I look back on my original purchase with a nostalgic tear in my eye, remembering my first awkward yet exhilarating experience, I think I may go ahead and grab myself another pair before my current ones run out of life. Now if I could only figure out which ones to get…

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