Waterproof Smartphones and Tablets?

At CES we saw a cool display by Fujitsu with a fish tank of water and a demonstrator placing a phone or tablet in the tank. It was pretty neat to see them dunk the whole phone or tablet into the fish tank and then still have it work. Right now these phones are only available in Japan and only a concept for the US but it could happen soon enough I guess if there was enough of a demand for it. I can imagine people who work outside needing them the most or maybe the guy in the picture who likes to talk while taking a shower.

The demonstrator we talked to said these waterproof phones and tablets wouldn’t cost anymore either, which would really help to sell them here in the US.

We saw a bunch of waterproof cases coming to the market for Smartphones and tablets but only this one company working on making them completely waterproof.

We saw Smartphones moving into being more rugged in general. I guess phone makers are starting to realize they break easily and not everyone is careful with their phones so they need to start thinking about how people use them in various situations.

waterproof phones by fujitsu

waterproof phones by fujitsu

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