Winter Skin Care Tips for Men

@DoveMenCareUS With a plethora of new men’s skin care products on the market, it is important to be informed so you can pick the right ones for you. Every since being introduced to Dove Men + Care products a year ago I have been using them steadily and are happy with the results. The soap is something a man would like because of the scent and it’s not drying. The body wash is not as strong as the soap and even Wendy uses it because it doesn’t smell like a man. It has  a lighter scent.

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Dr. Carolyn Jacob, a board certified dermatologist and Dove Men + Care expert offers skin care tips for men.  Here are some of her top tips for the upcoming winter season.

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Wipe out winter blues with a hydrating body wash.  Although men can tolerate stronger facial products than women (they have thicker skin and typically more oil glands), they are still prone to dry skin in the winter. Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body and Face Wash is clinically proven to fight skin dryness without irritation and will help men avoid winter dryness.

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Don’t sweat it – embarrassing sweat stains are the pits. For years only women had a large choice of antiperspirants since sweat may be “macho” for men but not attractive for women.  The truth is many men suffer from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, which is why stronger antiperspirants like Dove Men+Care Clinical Protection are available for men today. This antiperspirant provides prescription strength protection against wetness while also guarding against odor.

Simplify skincare. Many men aren’t interested or don’t have the time for a daily grooming routine, but it’s easy to keep your skin healthy looking. Wash your face twice a day, and put moisturizer with sunscreen on in the morning. It is that simple!

Cleanse daily for clear skin.  Refresh your skin and wash away stubborn impurities by cleansing your face at least once a day. For normal to dry skin use a moisturizing cleanser and for break-out prone skin avoid oil-based products. If that doesn’t do the trick, visit your dermatologist and get a topical medication that will help to prevent breakouts.

Moisture is the key to care. Dove research shows that most men blame their socks for the dry, itchy skin on their legs. It may be your socks, but I’d say switching to products that contain built in moisturizers, like Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash, and taking short showers that are lukewarm will solve this problem. The Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash contains ultra-light micromoisture technology that boosts the skin’s natural moisture barrier to combat dryness and fight against irritation. Applying moisturizer immediately after showering is also helpful, as it will trap the water and hydrate your skin.

Understand your skin. Individuals with darker skin tones tend to have oily skin and should wash their face twice a day. Additionally, products that contain both moisturizing and cleansing ingredients like the Dove Men+Care Deep Clean micro-moisture Body and Face Wash that cleanses and moisturizes with purifying grains are great because they prevent visible dry spots, which are a common problem for those with darker pigments.

Travel with your moisturizing essentials. While traveling can help you wind-down, it is not so kind on your skin. Airplanes are extremely dry and can affect your skin severely, which is why it’s always important to hydrate and moisturize before and after you take off! I’d recommend packing TSA friendly Dove Men+Care Body and Face bar, which fights dryness with Dove signature 1/4 moisturizing cream. Also, when visiting a dry climate, pack a heavier facial lotion or cream with sunscreen and for more humid environments, be sure to bring a lighter facial lotion with sunscreen.

Fight underarm discomfort with Dove Men+Care Antiperspirants. Dove Men+Care global research found that over 50% of men experience some form of underarm discomfort.  Dove Men+Care antiperspirants combine powerful 48 hour odor and wetness protection with a non-irritating formula that’s tough on sweat, not on skin.

Know your grooming aisle. The simple but technologically advanced Dove Men+Care product line makes it the #1 dermatologist choice, making it easier for guys to navigate the men’s grooming aisle, packed with products that have exploded onto drug store shelves.  Arm yourself with knowledge they next time you visit a “guy aisle” and know what products are right for you.

Source: Dove Men + Care and Dr. Carolyn Jacob

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