11 Hot ’90s Toys Kids Still Want Today

The greatest toys from the ’90s can still be what your kids and grandkids add to their wish list today. Take a look at 11 of the toys all ’90s kids desperately wanted that are still available today.

Barbie Power Wheels Jeep

Jeep Dodge / Flickr / Via flic.kr

These are in no particular order

1. Super Soaker 50

The Super Soaker 50 was the first Super Soaker water gun. It was one of the first pressurized water guns ever made, outselling all of the motorized water blasters that were popular in the 90s. A rocket scientist named Lonnie Johnson came up with the idea and eventually sold it to Larami Toys. Super Soaker blasters have never really gone out of popularity and there are all shapes and sizes for today’s kids.

2. Talkboy from Home Alone

If you watched the Home Alone movie you will have fond memories of the Talkboy. It could record and play back at a slow or normal speed and was produced by Tiger Electronics. Back in the 90s Home Alone was the hottest holiday movies ever. Today’s kids use their tablet, smartphone, or HD video recorder. It’s still the same, just better technology.

3. Easy Bake Oven

I’d have to say that the Easy Bake Oven is still a super hot toy for today’s kids but in the ’90s it was new and totally exciting. The thought of making brownies in your very own oven was all a girl could ever dream of. I still remember burning my fingers on the lightbulb that “cooked” the brownies inside of the oven.

Talkboy from Home Alone

Chris Aiola / Flickr / Via flic.kr

4. The Barbie Power Wheels Jeep

Girls begged for the Barbie Power Wheels Jeep. The hopes of having your very own car when you were 8 years old was a dream come true so you could be the envy of every kid on the block. Today Disney Frozen and Fisher-Price have taken over as the hot Jeep to ride around to impress your friends.

Tamagotchi Friends

Karr1213 / Flickr / Via flic.kr

5. Tamagotchi Friends

The Tamagotchi, created in Japan, was a handheld digital pet (similar to the pet rock, yeh it was a thing and yep, I had one). For kids it was as amazing as having a real puppy. If you walked into school without one, your friends would look at you weird. Tamagotchia were one of the biggest 90s toy fads and they are still sold today.

6. Socker Boppers

Socker Boppers are inflatable boxing pillows that feature durable vinyl construction and double cavity air chambers that inflate easily. Your kids can punch the living daylights out of each other, in a safe way of course, and they are still affordable at under $10 a set

7. Skip-It

Skip-it is yet another toy that is still sold today, now made by Toysmith, and sold under the name Skip-A-Long. The Skip-it toy was originally sold by Tiger Electronics and had a small ankle hoop with attached ball and chain that kept track of its rotations. It achieved success through TV commercials on children’s networks and was embraced by parents because it was relatively inexpensive and promoted physical activity.

8. AFX Race Track

AFX Super International Race Sets featured an enormous amount of track, including an assortment of 6″, 9″ and 12″ radius turn sections. Enough track was included to build a 4-lane racing circuit with a lap length of over 25 feet. The AFX Race Track included power packs, controllers and electric cars. Yep, and you can still buy it today.

9. The Hot Wheels Car Wash

The Hot Wheels Car Wash was the only one with real soapsuds. The Hot Wheels car wash featured real jets of water to spray the cars, rotating foam rollers for the dash, super spin action to dry and a large full color playmat. Today’s car wash is even better and includes three levels of track.

10. Life-Sized Barbie

This giant life-sized Barbie is what all the girls wanted to be their best friend, forever. Life-size Barbie measured over 2 feet tall and for young girls this size was massive. Today’s life-size Barbie comes complete with trendy braided hair and rooted eyelashes for that glamorous movie (or Kardashian, shudder) star look.

11. The Talking Family Dollhouse

The Talking Family Dollhouse came complete with Dad, Mom, Jen, baby and the dog. This plastic dollhouse included 69 pieces of furniture and accessories. The doorbell and telephone rang and the house made running water sounds. Sadly, it didn’t carry on but now kids have Interactive Dollhouses and talking toys.

Do you have a favorite ’90s toy that didn’t make my list? Do your kids play with any of these now?

Grandma Wendy