Beginner Metal Detecting for Kids (with Video)

Kids love going on treasure hunts and dream of finding a pirate treasure chest filled with gold, silver, diamonds and rubies – or at least that is what my grand daughter told me. Metal Detecting is a fun hobby you can do with your kids or grandkids to help them find treasures at the beach and around the yard or park.

Beginning Metal Detecting for Kids

I decided to look for a metal detector to buy to get our new hobby off the ground. I didn’t want to spend a lot because I knew the kids might get bored with it eventually and this wasn’t going to be a lifelong hobby, at least not right now. I spent a few hours reading reviews for beginner metal detectors on Amazon and decided to purchase the ForagerGO Metal Detector Starter kit. I read all of the positive and negatives reviews of this metal detector but the reason I chose this metal detector was the company who was selling it. After reading through the comments, I noticed that they took the time to answer the questions, comments and concerns of their customers. That is a big plus with me when deciding to buy a product because sometimes you will have issues with that product and need to return it or contact the company.

The ForagerGO Metal Detector Starter kit comes with the metal detector and a bonus 5-in-1 folding shovel with case and The Ultimate Metal Detecting Beginners Guide in paperback format and also PDF that is sent to you by email. The folding shovel is well-made and a nice added bonus. The ForagerGO metal detector is perfect for beginners and for kids and makes a great holiday gift too. It was affordable at around $75.00 and came with free shipping through Amazon Prime. That is a deal since it also included the shovel and book.

The 5-in-1 folding shovel is also great for camping. It includes an axe, saw, compass and bottle opener.

ForagerGO Metal Detector Folding Shovel

We took our Metal Detector to the beach to look for treasures after everyone had gone home for the day. There were a few other people still there and I was surprised how friendly people were when they saw us with our metal detector. People were coming up asking us if we found anything and wanted to know how it worked.

It’s super easy to put together and comes packaged very well. It takes two 9V batteries that are not included. I suggest you get rechargeable batteries. The display have an ON/OFF knob, metal type knob, volume knob, Pinpoint button, Target Indicator, low battery light, and Earphone port.

rechargeable 9V batteries

Most of the time we turned the Metal type knob to All Metal and the volume all of the way up. If you are at the beach it may be hard to hear with the wind blowing and people chattering. If you have earphones use them. Turn it on and swipe the metal detector left to right and walk slowly keeping it low to the ground as you go. It is adjustable so you can work for a 6 year old and an adult. If it picks up any metal it will beep. It may be slight so you have to listen closely. If it beeps at all, press the pinpoint to help you find the item.

We kept the Pinpoint button pressed in a lot and found that it gave a lot of false/positive results so make sure not to do that. It picks up iron in rocks too.

ForagerGO Metal Detector Review

We had a lot of fun trying to find treasures in the sand but on this trip to the beach we only found a metal pipe and a bottle cap. That does tell us though, that this metal detector works fine. Metal detecting takes patience. One time I talked with a man on the beach who was metal detecting who found lots and lots of gold jewelry and cell phones so it is definitely possible to find real treasures.

ForagerGO Metal Detector Review

With younger kids you may have to “plant” a few things they can find. Hide a few coins in the sand and they won’t the difference. They will feel a sense of accomplishment and want to keep trying their new metal detecting hobby.

ForagerGO Metal Detector Review

I think this would make a great holiday gift and it’s perfect for kids and also for beginner metal detecting enthusiasts. It’s lightweight and easy to put together.

Watch our video and see all of the fun we had.