Bully Free Students Make Bully Free Classrooms

Each day in America, it is estimated that 160,000 students stay home from school to avoid being bullied. Bullying is a growing problem in our schools. The good news is that it is a problem that many teachers can help tackle by creating a bully-free classroom, something that is easier to do than one might think.

“We all know that bullying is a major concern in our schools,” explains Peter J. Goodman, author of the book “We’re All Different But We’re All Kitty Cats.” “But there are things teachers can do to help address this problem and prevent it from happening.”

Goodman has now bundled his popular book with an educational curriculum package, which helps children identify and work through their emotions and feelings.

“Being able to integrate a bullying curriculum into the classroom is an effective way to help tackle this problem,” says Julia Anderson, Ed.D, a primary school teacher at Arlington Public Schools. “The subject needs to be there at every level during the elementary school years so that the foundation has been laid.”

Bully Free Students Make Bully Free Classrooms has been designed for pre-K through grade 3 students to help teachers create a bully-free classroom.

Bully-free Classrooms

To order your copy for your classroom or to use at home, please email us at info@kittycatsbook.com or call 202-885-9241

The Kitty Cats book and curriculum has been written for children in pre-kindergarten through the third grade. The earlier children learn about the importance of preventing bullying, the better.

About dreamBIG Press

dreamBIG Press is a publishing house that has created a series of children’s books titled Were All Different But Were All Kitty Cats. The books are designed for elementary-school-aged children, to tackle common issues that they may encounter such as bullying, childhood fears, confidence, being different, and making friends. Through the use of a cast of cats, the author helps children better understand those issues, and learn how to deal with them. The company was started by Peter J. Goodman, a multimedia children’s author and president of Gut Instinct Creative, an award-winning marketing communications company.