Crafting with Wood Pallets by Becky Lamb Book Review

Crafting with Wood Pallts Projects for Rustic Furniture Gifts by Becky Lamb

We received a complimentary copy of the book, Crafting with Wood Pallets by Becky Lamb so we could write our review. We love crafts and all manner of DIY project so this was right up our alley.

The premise of this craft book is to take abandoned wood pallets and turn them into something useful for your home or garden. Upcycled projects are fun and affordable and wood pallets are free. The book, Crafting with Wood Pallets, also gives you places you can get free pallets to use in your DIY projects.

The book is packed with color photos and easy-to-follow instructions for over 25 DIY projects, this book shows how to build, paint and finish unique gifts, decor and furniture, including:

  • Cute jewelry organizer
  • Rustic coffee table
  • Chic wine bar
  • Family chalkboard
  • Inspiring word art
  • Handy step stool

Our Thoughts About the Book:

The book is organized very well and has a variety of projects to choose from. The book is organized similar to a cookbook with a project, list of tools and supplies needed to complete the project, and the individual steps laid out to make it easy. There are also some step-by-step photos for each project. The photos are colorful, which is very helpful when you are trying to picture how something will turn out.

pallet project ideas and instructions

The Pallets 101 section at the beginning of the book is especially helpful because it gives you ideas where you can find pallets and what tools are needed. You will need a fair amount of tools to work on the projects in the book including a hammer, crowbar, clamps, drill, tape measure, paint, stain, paint brushes, etc. The next part of this section shows you how to take pallets apart and then goes into painting and staining techniques.

Pallet Project Tools Needed

It is clear that the author has created many pallet projects and is well versed in repurposing projects. This book is a super gift for a DIY-er or crafter in your life.

Author Becky Lamb, Drafting with Wood PalletsAbout the Author: Becky Lamb is a builder, junker, repurposer, blogger, crafter, teacher, wife, and mother of three. She also blogs at Beyond the Picket Fence. She likes to say she was weaned on decoupage glue and feels blessed to be raised by a mom who decorated their home on a very limited budget. Becky has been crafting and creating as long as she can remember and discovered her love for building after “retiring” in 2000 from teaching elementary school. Her husband patiently taught her to use power tools and she has continued to hone and develop her skills and style. When not building, Becky enjoys spending time outdoors with her family in her home state, Montana.