Curlee Girlee by Atara Twersky – A Book About Embracing Your Differences

Curlee Girlee is a new kid’s book written by Atara Twersky that is being launched on November 15th. Atara is an attorney and the mother of three. She was inspire by her own real-life Curlee Girlee to write this book. She hopes this book will encourage all little girls to embrace their differences and feel beautiful exactly as they are. Curlee Girlee’s mission is to empower young girls to love the features that make them unique.

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Curlee Girlee by Atara Twersky Kids Book Review

The book is beautifully illustrated by Karen Wolcott. Karen has worked for Random House and Mattel and has illustrated more than 40 children’s books, including titles for Scholastic and American Girl as well as books in the Barbie Golden Book series.

Curlee Girlee by Atara Twersky - A Book About Embraces Your Differences

There once was a girl and her mother called her Curlee Girlee because her hair was so wavy. Her mother thought her hair was super special but Curlee hated her hair and wanted to be like everyone else in her family.

Curlee Girlee’s hair makes her mad and she wants to grow it down her back like spaghetti. She wants to be like her brother, sister and mother who have straight hair. Her hair grows sideways and all curly-whirly. She tries everything to solve her problem and make her hair look straight and gets into a sticky mess.

Curlee Girlee by Atara Twersky Kids Book Review

One night she dreams that her hair grows super long and her, her sister Emma and brother Alex fly on her back up to the clouds. Grandma Maddie is there waiting for them and gives Curlee Girlee magic barrettes. Still dreaming, Curlee hides the barrettes under her pillow but when she wakes up they are gone. She looks all over the house and ends up looking in her mother’s closet. While looking she accidently knocks down a box that is full of old photos. One of the photos is of a little girl who has curly hair just like her. That photo was of her grandma Maddie. In the end, Curlee learns that having curly hair makes her special because she is like her Grandmother.

Curlee Girlee by Atara Twersky Book review

The book is trying to teach a lesson to kids who think they are different and want to be like other kids. This is all too common and kids needs to feel like they fit in and even if they are different from maybe their family members or friends in some way, that their differences are what makes them unique and special.

The illustrations in this kid’s storybook are amazing and vibrant. The story hits home with so many girls who think they need to be just like everyone else to be important.