Decorate a “LOVE” Heart Tree for Valentine’s Day

Here’s an idea for a unique Valentine’s Day home decor idea. Use a faux Christmas and decorate it with Valentine’s hearts, ornaments and lights to make a Valentine’s Day “LOVE” Heart Tree. A 2, 3 or 4 foot faux Christmas tree is the perfect size to use for our Valentine’s Heart tree. This month we are turning our Christmas tree into a Valentine’s Day “LOVE” Heart Tree with the help of Oriental Trading Company.

Decorate a LOVE Heart Tree for Valentine's Day

Someone had too much fun with the heart lights

Valentines Crafts for Kids Heart Lights

Oriental Trading Company sent us some of the decorations we used in our Valentine’s Day “LOVE” Tree. They offer all kinds of craft kits like the heart ornaments you see below as well as foam hearts, and Valentine’s home decor too like the metal lantern and the wooden LOVE blocks that are perfect for the mantle or to put on a desk or table. They would even look good in an office to spruce it up with a little LOVE for Valentine’s Day.

Valentines White Candle Lantern

What we used to Decorate our Valentine’s Day Tree

The Valentine’s Heart ornament kits come with large foam hearts with cutout shape. They are sticky on the back so you start by removing the protective sheet. Next you take the 1″ sheets of tissue paper and place them on the sticky back. We decided to cover the entire back of our heart ornaments with clear packing tape to make sure they didn’t come off. Once you have the tissue paper where you want it, just trim the edges. Now, to finish it off, take the enclosed satin hanger, fold it in half, and put the sticky dot over it to keep it in place. Such an easy craft and the kids had fun making them. There are three different designs in the set and you get 12 sets so this would be a good classroom project too. The cutouts let the light come through nicely.

Valentines Heart Ornaments Kits

Valentines Crafts for Kids

Valentines Crafts for Kids

Valentines Crafts for Kids

Valentines Crafts for Kids, Stained Glass Heart Ornament

Valentines Crafts for Kids, Stained Glass Heart Ornament

Oriental Trading Company sells this cute wooden “LOVE” block set that makes a nice accent for the table or mantel. These red, wooden “Love” Blocks spell out “Love” in white lettering with the “O” as a pink heart and a pink scroll-vine pattern is painted on each block. The largest measures about 7″ high.

wooden love blocks fro Oriental Trading

Visit the Oriental Trading website to find what we used to decorate our Valentine’s Heart tree, make the ornaments and the LOVE block set and lantern.