Free Happy Meal Printables from McDonalds

McDonald’s has given us permission to share these Happy Meal Printable games and coloring pages with you. The Build-a-Bear Workshop printable coloring page has all of your favorite bears and includes Mr Snowman and a Friendly Reindeer too.

To print out one or all of the free Happy Meal printables below, click on an image. It will open in a new window. When you print it out, it will be full-size.

Free Build A Bear Printable Coloring Page

Color or paint Pokemon Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon or Capture the Pokmen when you play the “connect the dots” game. Draw Pikachu! Use the grid to help you draw Pikachu. This is the perfect exercise for budding artists. Play the Tic Tac Toe game Primal Groudo vs. Primal Kyogre.

Free McDonalds Happy Meal Pokemon Printable Coloring Page

Free McDonalds Happy Meal Pokemon Printable Coloring Page Game

Have even more fun with Pokemon and Build-a-Bear at where you can color the pages right online and play awesome games. Keep your Happy Meal box and scan the bar code to unlock bonus fun!

McDonald’s reminds you to balance your fun and choose nutritious apple slices in your next Happy Meal.