Free Lego Star Wars Activity Sheets & Coloring Pages

Put your Jedi skills to the test with these Lego Star Wars games and activities featuring your favorite droid duo from Lego Star Wars Droid Tales. Test you hand-eye coordination, memory skills, navigation skills, break codes and more. Perfect for Jedis of every age.

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Free Lego Star Wars Activity & Coloring Pages

The mark of a true Jedi is exceptional observation skills. Use your Jedi training to find 6 differences in the images. As a planetary pilot you must be able to navigate through asteroids and avoid Star Destroyers and TIE Fighters. Pilot your way through this maze and save the day! A member of the senate has a dark side. Use the code below to find out who it is. This small Jedi has the force of a giant. Connect the dots to find out who he is.

Star Wars Printables Coloring Activities