FREE Valentine Paper Dolls & Vintage Valentine Cards Printouts

A-Meri-Card offers FREE Paper Dolls and Vintage Valentine Cards for printing. These cards and paper dolls are high quality scanned images from the original 1957, 1960, 1987 coloring books, paper doll books, and Valentines Day cards. To print these out properly you will need a color printer. If you are printing the paper dolls white or beige cardstock works the best.

“She has different outfits that she likes to wear for shopping, for skating, when rain starts to fall. For dancing all night at the Valentine Ball. So if you will dress her she’ll be your new friend. Sure hop you have fun as you play and pretend!”

Free Paper Doll Valentines Cards

Look! It’s little Miss Valentine” She brought her outfits too. She came to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” And spend some time with you. Ragdoll Dress-up paper doll printable.

Ragdoll Dress up Paper Doll Valentine Printable

“Though daily changes can be made. In things you do and wear, My heart will never change because it’s you for whom I care!” Dear Valentine: It’s plaint to see that you were cut-out just for me!”

Free Vintage Paper Doll Valentines Cards

“The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts…all for St. Valentine’s Day! So won’t you come and please have some, then stay while, and play!” This rhyme is from a vintage Joan Walsh Anglund Valentine’s Day Paper Doll from 1987. You can find the link below to print it out on your color printer.

Joan Walsh Anglund Paper Dolls