Fun with Mega Bloks Police Squad

With the Mega Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit your kids can build the Police Cruiser SUV complete with a decked out Blok Squad Police Officer. Give him a Walkie Talkie, baton, handcuffs and even a tiny plastic gun and he’s ready to protect and defend.

I think it is important for kids to have toys that educate. This Blok Squad kit will teach you kids about the police and they an role play what a police officer would do. You can use it to teach them about their jobs as well. Because there is a boat, you could talk to them about Police sometimes go on the water to hunt down bad guys, something they might not even know.

The Mega Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit kit comes with 391 pieces, everything you need to build a police cruiser, Police Carrier and Police Boat, and comes with 3 Blok Squad Police Officers.

You can purchase this Mega Bloks kit available online at and at major toy and retail stores.

It amazes me how much block sets have become so realistic since my kids played with blocks like these. The wheels are made out of rubber and the cars actually can be driven around. The steering wheel even turns.

Mega Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit review

Inside the Mega Blok kit you will find an instructions booklet. If your child wants to make each vehicle and make sure it matches the picture on the box, all they need to do is get out all of the pieces for that one vehicle based on the diagram in the booklet.

Mega Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit instructional booklet

Here are all of the pieces we laid out to make the Police cruiser.

Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit review

Tada! The Police Cruiser is all made and ready to play with.

Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit review

Add the Police officer and he’s ready to drive off and give somebody a ticket smiley wink

Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit review

There are two other police officer figurines in this kit. This one has an orange vest and I gave him a bull-horn so he could warn oncoming traffic about the accident.

Blok Squad Police Force Pursuit review

The hands on the figures actually turn at different angles so they can hold things like this Walkie Talkie. This figure have a grey protective vest on.

Mega Bloks Police Cruiser

Disclaimer: I received this Mega Bloks Squad Police Force Pursuit from Team Mom to review. We had a lot of fun putting it together and showing you how your kids will enjoy it too.