“Give Thanks” Thanksgiving Kids Centerpiece Craft Project

Thanksgiving is a time we give thanks for all that we have. We give thanks for the food we eat, the house we live in, our dog, our cat, Mom & Dad, grandma and grandpa, school, teachers, toys, and the list goes on and on. Help kids focus on what they are thankful for by letting them make a “Give Thanks” Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece. All you need is some simple supplies to make this kids Thanksgiving craft.

Give Thanks Thanksgiving Kids Centerpiece Craft Project

These instructions are for one centerpiece.

Suggested Age: 3 and older

Supplies Needed:


Preparation Work:

  1. Using the template provided below and colored construction paper, trace and cut out 6 to 9 tail feathers.
  2. Cut one paper plate in half.
  3. Using the paper plate half as a guide, place the plate on the brown construction paper and trace a half-circle and cut out about 1/4″ wider. This will be used to cover the plate so you want it to be slightly larger than the plate.
  4. Cut a 3″ x 12″ strip from a piece of brown construction paper.
  5. Using the beak template, cut out one yellow construction paper beak shape and fold on the fold-line shown.
  6. Using the teardrop template, cut out one red construction paper teardrop shape.

Click here (or on the image below) to print out the templates needed for this project.

Give Thanks Thanksgiving Kids Centerpiece Craft Project Template

To make it easier to use the tacky glue, try pouring a small amount into paper bowl or on a paper plate. Then provide paintbrushes to make spreading the glue much easier. Keep a paper cup filled with water nearby so the paintbrush can be dipped in it occasionally to keep the glue from getting too tacky and thick.

Turkey Centerpiece Instructions:

Step 1: Glue 6 to 9 paper tail feathers onto the curved edge of the paper plate half.

Step 2: To make the turkey’s body, use brown construction paper to cut out a half-circle and glue it to the front of the paper plate.

Step 3: Use the 3″ brown strip of construction paper to form a cylinder, securing the end with craft tape. Glue or tape the cylinder to the front of the plate on the brown paper half circle.

Step 4: Turn the plate over and use the marker or crayon write one thing you are thankful for on each tail feather, as shown in the photo.

Step 5: To make their turkey’s face, glue wiggly eyes and red construction paper teardrop shape and yellow beak to pom-pom. Then glue the pom-pom to the cylinder.

These instructions and image were modified from the Lakeshore project