Going Back to School with Crocodile Creek Backpacks

Our kids just started school this week after a long, hot summer. We’re all glad to have something new to look forward to and the kids love school. Both of the girls got new backpacks from Crocodile Creek. We were trying to find cute “girly” backpacks. We looked high and low and found these cute pink and purple backpacks made by Crocodile Creek.

Crocodile Creek Backpacks

We had never heard of Crocodile Creek until we bought these backpacks. We didn’t even see them in stores, only on the Crocodile Creek website and took a chance. We are super impressed with the quality.

The backpacks are beautiful, high-quality, and sturdy and are just the right size for younger children. They feature bold colors and designs. Each backpack measures 11-1/2″ wide x 14″ high.

Crocodile Creek Backpacks

Come to find out, Crocodile Creek also sells lunch boxes, drinking bottles, sandwich keepers, snack keeper sets, ice pack sets, placemats, food jars, watches, puzzles, and balls. Crocodile Creek products conforms to all of the appropriate safety standards.

Crocodile Creek Backpacks, lunch boxes, drinking bottles

Crococdile Creek: store.crocodilecreek.com/c/backpacks

Check this out! Ava and Paisley’s younger sister, Layla, who is 2, wanted to put a backpack on and go to school with her sisters. It’s just too cute for words.

Crocodile Creek Backpacks