5 Important Halloween Safety Tips

Are you Trick Or Treating this year? Here are some safety tips you should read to make sure you have a fun Halloween night.

Make yourself noticeable in the dark!

It’s fun to dress up in a costume but if cars can’t see you it could be dangerous. Carry a flashlight, use glow sticks, wear reflective tape, or use flashing Halloween lights to make sure everyone sees you and your little ones.

Label it!

Write your child’s name and phone number somewhere on the costume, preferably the outside, in case you get separated from them.

Don’t Eat that Candy!

Tell your kids to bring home all treats and candy and not to eat them right away so you can inspect the candy. Of course, if you are going with them trick or treating this might not be a problem.

Stay Connected

Make sure you and your child have a fully charge cell phone or walkie talkies so you can stay connected at all times.

Stay with a Group

If at all possible stay with a group and even consider going to city-side Trick or Treat events such as those found in malls. Try to stay away from houses and neighbors that have no lights on.

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