Healthy Kids Breakfasts to Eat on the Way to School

Mornings are a rush around our house and while kids need a good breakfast it isn’t always feasible to have a “sit down breakfast”. Here are some ideas for “breakfast on the go” that kids can take on their way to school. From banana muffins to protein-packed breakfast burritos, there is something for everyone and every kid’s “finicky” taste.

Check out Healthy Kids’ Breakfasts to Eat on the Way to School

by Janssen at Mode

Forget McDonald’s. You can do better at home. At least, most mornings. No judgment if you’d like to swing by Mickey D’s every once in a while. Greens + good-for-you fruits—to go. Blend up a smoothie and let your kids drink it on the way to school. How do you make a parfait better? You turn it into a Popsicle, obviously. That Martha Stewart—she thinks of everything.

Breakfast on the Go for Kids, Homemade Poptarts

Photo Credit: Ambitious Kitchen