How to Make a Ghost Garland for Halloween

Here is a simple craft to make for Halloween. Decorate the mantel, front door, bulletin board and more with this quick and easy ghost garland. You will need some tissue paper, wax paper, or other thin paper that is easy to shape. You will also need stuffing or cotton balls, black string or ribbon and face stickers. If you can’t find face stickers you can either draw the faces on with a Sharpie or use “googly eyes”

How to Make a Ghost Garland for Halloween

Supplies Needed for Ghost Garland

Instructions for Making a Ghost Garland

Step One: Cut 12″ rounds out of the paper you choose to use. You will want to make sure you are using paper that is easy to bunch up. Printer, construction, or similar will not bunch up easily. You should use tissue paper (maybe a couple of layers), wax paper with the wax side in, freezer paper (still may be a bit too stiff), or wrapping paper (white if possible).

Step Two: Take several (up to 4 regular or 2 large) cotton balls and place in the center of one 12″ paper round.

Step Three: bunch the paper around the cotton ball and squeeze it tight to form the head.

Step Four: Do not cut the black string or ribbon until you know how long you want your garland. Start by leaving about a 12″ to 16″ tail for tying your garland onto something and lay the first ghost on the ribbon at the 12″/16″ mark. Tie the ribbon tightly at the neck. You need to tie it tightly so it keep the head shape round.

Step Five: Continue tying the ghosts onto the ribbon, spacing them out every 12″.

Step Five: Using Googly eyes or ghost face stickers, place the stickers on the face.

See, that was a super easy project and kids will love to help. Adults may have to tie the ghosts onto the ribbon but the kids can help cut the paper rounds, place the face stickers on the ghosts and hang the garland when it is finished. Happy Halloween Decorating!

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