Make an Easy Wooden Bunny Banner for Easter

Let’s make a Wooden Bunny Banner. It’s super easy and the kids can get involved too. I received an Easter Bunny Banner kit from Oriental Trading to help me with my article. Each kit contains everything you need – 8 wood 3″ x 5″ bunny cutouts and a 5 ft piece of twine.

Spring Bunny Tabletopper Figurine

We also received the Spring Bunny Tabletopper so we decided to paint our bunnies to make the colors in it. The 7″ x 4-1/2″ Spring Bunny figurine features a row of pastel eggs spells out “Spring” and is made out or Resin.

How to Make an Easter Wooden Bunny Banner

You will need to provide paints, paint brushes and cotton balls for the tails if you are following my instructions.

I have white silicone placemats that I lay down on the counter for painting and I use water-based paints for each cleanup. Since the placemats are white it is easy to see the paint for cleanup.

Bunny Banner Supplies List

Painting the Bunnies and Adding Tails

Basically, you are going to paint each side of the bunny with long brush strokes to cover the whole surface. We didn’t get fancy with this project. We just painted each side a solid color. Once the paint dries, use Tacky Glue and add some glue on the round body area and press one cotton tail down. Let completely dry for 4 to 6 hours.

Easter Bunny Wood Cutouts

Adding the Twine

Pull the end of the twine through one hole of one wood bunny. Leave about a 10″ tail and tie it firmly. Take the other end and put the twine in the hole on what back where you tied the knot. Then, take the end of the twine and put it through the hole of the next bunny on the front side – see my photo below. By doing this, your bunny banner will hang much nicer. On the last bunny, tie a knot in the last hole. You can then space out the bunnies as needed. This banner will end up being about 5 ft long.

How to Make an Easter Wooden Bunny Banner

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How to Make an Easter Wooden Bunny Banner

How to Make an Easter Wooden Bunny Banner