Movie Review: Outsourced

Recently I watched the movie, Outsourced, on my iPad using my Netflix account and the instant play option.

About the Movie Outsourced:

2006, PG-13

When his department is outsourced to India, customer call center manager Todd Anderson (Josh Hamilton) heads to Mumbai to train his successor (Asif Basra), and amusing culture clashes ensue as Anderson tries to explain American business practices to the befuddled new employees. In the process, he learns important lessons about globalization — and life. Ayesha Dharker and Matt Smith also star in director John Jeffcoat’s cross-cultural comedy.

My Review of the Movie Outsourced:

outsourced-movie-reviewI had seen an episode of the Outsourced sitcom on TV last week and when I saw the movie pop up on Netflix I decided to give it a try. The movie is different than the TV show. The TV show really aims to get the viewer to laugh and it spends most of it’s time focusing on the day-to-day events in the office. The movie is entertaining and does show the realistic way people live in India compared to the show which is all about fun.

Personally, I did not like Josh Hamilton

. He gave me the creeps and I didn’t think he was a good choice for the main character. His character ends up falling in love Ayesha Dharker and I didn’t really think they fit together very well. I liked her performance though.

The movie is entertaining, not overly funny, thoughtful, and has a good story line. I would suggest it the next time you are looking for a good solid movie to watch.