Review of Kool-Aid Fun Fizz Drink Tablets

This is a review of a personal purchase of Kool-Aid Fun Fizz. I was not compensated for this review nor sent a sample.

If you are as old as I am you will remember Fizzies drink tablets. They were a lot of fun because you dropped one in a glass of water and they made a fizzies sweet drink. The sugar was already in the tablet and it worked like an Alka-Seltzer tablet. The thing I loved to do though was to put the fizzy tablet on my tongue and let it fizz that way and not make it into a drink. I am sure you weren’t supposed to do it but it was much more fun that way.

When we were in the Commissary a couple of weeks ago Greg spotted these Kool-aid FunFizz tablets. I couldn’t believe it. Kool-aid brought back the fizzy drink and it works the exact same way. Today I tried it and this is what I think of them.

First, they are just as much fun as the original. They are sanitary because each fizz tablet comes in it’s own package. Those small packages are in a zip stand-up bag for easy storage.

If you can’t find Kool-Aid Fun Fizz in your store you can buy them online at

Koolaid Fun Fizz Review Laughin Lemonade

You open the package and just plop the tablet in a glass of cold water and watch it fizz. It is great fun for kids to watch. Of course, I am almost 50 but that didn’t stop me from putting a tablet on my tongue – just a piece because a whole tablet would have made my mouth explode – and trying it the way I did when I was a kid. It was fantastic.

Personally, I think the drink is a little weak with one tablet and from what I remember of the originals it was the same way. You definitely get a blast of flavor if you put it on your tongue. I bet Kool-aid doesn’t want you trying it that way because it is probably bad for you or something. You can put two tablets in a bottle of water. I still would suggest using 2 if you are making a full 8 oz glass of the drink.

I tried the lemonade flavor. I found out from the Kool-aid brand website (it’s a Kraft Foods brand) that they were 3 flavors you can try:

  • Laughin’ Lemonade
  • Partyin’ Punch and
  • Gigglin’ Grape


Now adults will want to know that this is basically Kool-aid so if you can’t take drinks with dye in it then this is not the drink for you but kids will love it.

The only negative thing I would have to say about it is that it contains ASPARTAME. I most definitely don’t drink anything with Aspartame or NutraSweet or any of those artificial sweeteners in it because it does three things to me. It gives me a headache, upset stomach, and bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the day. I like regular ole’ sugar.

I’m just wondering, do companies think that sugar is so bad? Why when those artificial sweeteners have such bad side effects. Not everyone gets them but I am sure I am not the only one that it affects that way. Why not make these Kool-aid Funfizz tablets with pure sugar like the originals and offer both options to people.

Anyway, just wanted to share what I bought and tested out from Kool-aid. It was fun to relive a little childhood.